Flora – Second Petal – Purpose

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As a kid, I often wondered why some leaves on the trees were different from the other leaves on the same tree. Those colored leaves were flowers. Flowers are different from other leaves on the tree because they have a special purpose. They are not the way they are by accident. They are not the way they are for just aesthetic value. The color, the shape, the smell, the positioning on the plant is because of this purpose. Every single thing about the flower is geared towards that special purpose. No matter what else the flower does, if that purpose is not fulfilled, the flower would have failed. That special purpose of every flower is to become a seed carrying fruit. That seed is then used to create another tree. Each tree has thousands of flowers with this same purpose. The truth is this: not all flowers will eventually become trees, even though the reason for their existence was to become tress.

 Every one of us has a purpose. Our purpose is the most important piece of knowledge we must possess. Life without purpose is meaningless. When purpose comes into our lives, every single moment begins to take on a new meaning – every single moment begins to count. Like the flower, our purpose is the reason we are different from all other people. Our purpose is the reason we talk, act and think the way we do. Every fiber of our being was designed for the fulfillment of that purpose and we will never be fulfilled until we fulfill that purpose. It is the reason we were made and the reason we are here. The only reason we have time left is to fulfill purpose. The reason for your special design is your unique purpose. Seek to know it diligently if you do not know it. If you know it already, pursue it with a relentless determination.

It is possible to miss your purpose in life. It is also very possible for one who hitherto was walking in purpose to veer off its course. However, the good news is that even as we can derail, we can be restored to the pursuit of purpose. It’s never too late, it’s never over unachievable until you give up it’s pursuit


16 thoughts on “Flora – Second Petal – Purpose

  1. Wow…! I really wish †φ be your student! There’s so much I want †φ do wiτ̣̣ђ my life. Am so sure you can help me! I admire you o!

  2. ON-POINT!
    I say everyday that I don’t want to live a wasted life, I don’t want to go to my grave with gifts and talents, I want to depart empty, I want to face death with confidence, like Apostle Paul said, I have fought the good fight of faith…
    You are wondering what your purpose is, ask you maker.
    When I was serching for my purpose I read a book by Rick Warren, it helped me, ‘Purpose Driven Life’ let me sound a note of warning though, you would NOT find your purpose in a book!

  3. Without God, life has no purpose, ad without purpose, life has no meaning,. Without meaning, life has no signifance or hope. #The purpose driven life by Rick Warren

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