By a User’s Request. Me Singing *Covers Eyes*

So, a reader who read my twitter bio and saw “musician” was curious to hear what I sound like. Decided to upload a song on the blog. Not for commercial release o, just for tlsplace readers to enjoy.

Here you go, Miss Sunshine 😀

Fine Girl – TL


53 thoughts on “By a User’s Request. Me Singing *Covers Eyes*

  1. Tundeleye, what else are you good at? this is sooooooo 9ice (if truly its your voice) “eyes rolling” hope you have a wifey or gfrnd that you shower these talents on and you are not like most guys we see around here (vexing gan ni @ this point)

  2. Seriously TL #eyesrolling# okay I think we. Should just stick to the writing (jack of all trade master of none). Really dat was akward… U r d best writer eva we love dat. Damn take away dat music joor

    • Excusey!!! He sounds damn good. So, y can’t he do both, y does he have 2 choose? Tunde u sound so damn good i got goosebumps all over. Please i want d song. U shld still have my details, lemme know if u don’t. Pls mail me d song. Just so u know. I’m still veery single. *wink* ℓ☺ℓ‎​​​.

  3. @sugarrush thanks for introducing me to this blog…its quite lovely..can’t wait for nextweek to come already..^.^

  4. Ur a bundle of talents! Can’t imagine wat ur nt gud at… Luv d lyrics of d song. If u dnt mind sha, I kud lend me sm off ur talent*winks#

  5. Hmm, nice song. But more of a talented writer than musician sha. TL’s voice sounds too high pitched, a bit feminine & almost screeching to the ears.

  6. I guess you should release all those songs, so people will know you are not all about writing. Yes that is his voice. Thumb up bro. God bless.

  7. Stop hating on d guy jare, all those who said he shd stick to writing. He dint call himself a pro. D song is neither screeching nor feminine…ish *eyes rolling*. Dt is a nice piece of work tunde. Keep it, ure goin places.

  8. Just found ur musical side. Love the lyrics esp De Nijar mix in dere. Would have loved to hear more of your voice without dey the technical effects. Well done u for putting it out dere. 😉👍

  9. Me did not “see” nor “hear” song oo…..Just “here you go sunshine………………..fine girl TL” or has it disappeared over time ?

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