The Oyin Clegg Pose Giveaway Results – And The Winner Is…


So the results for the Pose Giveaway are out, and the winner, by the votes of tlsplace readers is SOPHIA UKPERE.

I’ve seen comments that range from hilarious to very “passionate” about the contest. It shows we all love Oyin Clegg a lot. The contest was meant to be fun though, hope we continue to see it as such. The parameters were clear, send a picture of a pose of Oyin Clegg (POSE being the operative word) and I would upload ALL entries I got before a certain date, and then we would all VOTE for our favourite POSE. I’ve followed that to the letter o, en en.

I’ll be ordering her Kindle today, since I now know the location of the winner, and would upload pictures of Sophia with it when it arrives.



39 thoughts on “The Oyin Clegg Pose Giveaway Results – And The Winner Is…

  1. See the result of this votes goes a long way to show the rot in our society…CORRUPTION…// Promoting our own simply because its ours whilst ignoring better qualified ones is a form of Corruption in itself. So Sophia won, simply because she was able to mobilise her large number of friends/family members to the site, and they all were so gullible enough to lose their objectivity rather do a critical assessment. She merely took a random pose on her phone or other device and uploaded, there are sure better poses amongst the entries submitted to represent Oyin Clegg that I have been reading about.

    But i’d rather push it back to the owner of the blog, rather than letting all count by votes, i think you need a re-assessment of the votes by judges, except if truly all you want is to bring in traffic and not to get/reward the true pose for Oyin Clegg. My ten kobo.

    “Once again comparing Sophia Ukpere to Oyin Clegg is like comparing Iyabo Ojo to Kim Kardashian.”

    • Yepa!na wa o,its jus a blog contest na abi.who is dis 1 taking it like its ∂ presidential election?my prblm wit nigerians,you can express so much like dis,why not bcome an activist against our corrupt government whic sincerely affects υr life 100% more than dis innocent fun blog!abeg o,liv the blogger alone.he simply gave the person he saw had most votes,haba

      • That’s d problem, because u have failed to accept that if in our fun time we do the wrong things, these same compulsive wrong doers wd grow up to vote in d wrong ppl. It’s d little things we do that affect the big picture. Same reason y Goldie was even in d house for that long, because as Nigerians, we have not learnt to vote beyond sentiments, week in week out, Nigerians saved her cos ‘we r patriotic citizens’! Same reason y we as a ppl would propagate something as ludicrous as ‘zoning’ while voting in presidents! Same reason y state quota exists in Nigeria!
        Results of the future Nigeria awards would soon be published n we would realise sadly that it was turned into a popularity contest and the true heroes remained unsung! How long can we live like ds in 9ja? All Sophia has won is a popularity contest, she has to know that each time she reads from her kindle!
        If we can’t change it while voting for a seemingly inconsequential blog when would we?

    • Ah. Anonymous, what do you want eh?
      She followed instructions and took an “amateur, regular everyday pix” and you come here and chat arrant nonsense. If you are sure there are better poses, you should have voted the fellow to win, I loved Sophia’s and I voted her.
      If you have a problem with that, believe me, there are better things to worry about.
      So don’t try and guilt the owner of this blog, by talking, traffic and the accusations you’ve said, he felt the poll was he’s means of selecting the winner… then so be it.

      btw, the story, the beautiful story, is all fiction. Don’t carry fiction on your head.

    • loll!
      after reading this post i had to look at the entries…
      Sincerely Sophie does not fit the description of oyin clegg at all. i should not even start with the location but guess what ? Sophia won because people (her friends, family, foes whoever) VOTED for her.

      Moral of this story:

      This is what happens when people do not vote! I hope we will take this learning into 2012 🙂

    • Grill your beef and eat it….
      darn! we all come here to read and relax. please take your hate some place else…

    • you are so correct. well, bring traffic is good but again, don’t think thats the oyin pose in our heads. someone got the pose and details of what oyin wore and the occasion. it was represented well, but i guess tunde knows what e wants.

  2. I would forever love that quote: “Once again comparing Sophia Ukpere to Oyin Clegg is like comparing Iyabo Ojo to Kim Kardashian.”

    • And comparing u to someone that has brains in like comparing a private jet to keke. Olodo like you. Go and cry yourself to sleep. Its a contest. Next time put ur picture. Mama suwe oshi!!

      As for me and my house whenever a contest comes up again, we shall vote Sophia or whomsover we deem. Kapish?

      • smh,*brains*…I guess ur doctor recommended more than one for you cos the one u av is like a pint. I wonder wch part of the kindle dey wd gv u, u think it’s fud dt cn b shared shey? Better find cleaner work if ur jobless or let be a kobata for Oyin Clegg….#Olodo Oshi

      • Smh n may I neva cm across ppl ds dumb…Amen n amen.

        If any1 cn blv dt result up dere, dt person’s ignorance is incurable. Cc Anti-simi, dumaybeehive n downwell…a.k.a wendall

  3. Mr Anonymous, english can’t be that hard for u nowwww. Haba! What has corruption got to do with this? Whoever said this was a beauty contest? Even tunde went ahead to explain the terms and conditions again (since u obviously didn’t get it the 1st time), that one sef no do you. Simple, upload a ‘pose’ and then garner your votes. Its a popularity contest. Shikena! Its this lack of constructive reasoning that’s killing Nigeria, not just corruption.

  4. Ehn weda it was subjective o or objective my girl. Still won it was simple u. Vote and u win so if d odas were nt able 2 get pple 2 vote 4 dem whose headache so I don’t see y dere shld be insults here pls sophia won let’s face it……………….congrats sophia dnt worry if dere’s anoda contest I. Will vote again and all my family members will vote again :*

  5. I don’t know Sopia from Jack but I voted for her.. I carefully went through all the poses and her pose captured my mind and brought back the Phone selection episode of Oyin Clegg… it wasn’t all about looks or stature, it was about the pose and nothing more.. Some people are missing the key word POSE and that’s why they are getting it twisted… Congrate Sophia and well done Tunde..

  6. speechless…. . guys please don’t turn this blog into a classless verbal battle ground .. it was a competition and somebody had to win … finish congrats to the winner

  7. TL I can c ur readers r just a bunch of classless pips… Cnt be seen among such man.I’m sorry but I’m out!!! #NOHARDFEELINGS##

  8. Lwkmd o! Iyabo Ojo & Kim Kardashian? I just couldn’t stop laughing seeing this. Amma call this vote a popularity-sentimental, but fair one. Btw, I voted Oluwakemi, Lagos.
    Thumbs up TL!

  9. Omg!!! Wts all dis fuss ’bout sophia being d winner…*:s
    Sophia won….so be it!….it doesn’t mata who voted her in; whether family or church members…she was able to drag enough people to read the ever interesting story nd her picture was perfect 😉 c’mon…she won 😀
    #Endofdiscussion. …congrats sophie..*cheers

  10. Chei!!! TL I think you need to start doing serious screening before admitting people on ur blog. I want to believe anonymous and simi knows each other very well or maybe its dsame person using different names. What’s the issue on someone winning,when its not American idols or BBA? Na wa for u o,abeg let’s take things easy o. A young brilliant man is cracking his brain just to give us something interesting to look forward to every monday morning,and all u could use ur dumb brain to think abt is corruption and who deserves to win in a fiction story. I shake head for u o. But I like ur quote abt iyabo nd kim tho, at least ur chicken brain got me smilling. No hard feelings =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))

  11. Rotflamo!!!!! Kilodem! If I cnt read finding hubby, d comments sef is enuf. Voted oluwakemi tho very beautiful pic. Congrats to d winner

  12. Una mates dey gather medals 4 their countries, una dey here dey show una pai numba. TL, organize anoda contest but na sachet water go b d prize.

  13. I confess I read a few of the comments before I reviewed the entries so I was really curious to see the winning entry after all the negative comments. I reviewed them all with interest and some seemed to fit the Oyin Clegg description more than others and a few did not appear to have read the blog or the competition rules. Unfortunately within the parameter of the rules for this competition, the most unlikely Oyin Clegg Pose Sophia(can’t remember jor) won and for this we have to blame Tunde. I would recommend that in future before voting there should be an a selection / elimination with the top 10 most suitable or so being the group we get to vote for. The way the rules were, the picture of a chicken could have won as long as the entry got enough votes. I would like to say well done to the people that interpreted the Oyin Clegg poses so accurately.

  14. Thank you Opelenge, you just hit the nail on the head and i hope TL has noted that. We’ve got to leave sentiments aside and do d right thing if we want to see any change in our society.
    For those of you attacking anonymous, calling him a hater, it’s obvious u don’t understand his point. no one is beefing Sophia for winning, but the truth is she doesn’t deserve it. at least judging by the pose she sent. it doesn’t portray Oyin in any way. i have no doubts that she’s probably a hot chic and all, but we can only judge from the picture she sent and dt is definitely not Oyin Clegg.

  15. I voted for Jesica. Honestly i thought her’s was an amazing pose but guess what, majority carries d vote & dats what contest is about. Anyway, its good to ve dis kind of divagence opinions & even d abuse, ye! Its who we are as a people; “passionate people” loved it.

  16. .please let’s all calm down.even wen we don’t win α̲̅ fight-u bow graciously and hope 2 win α̲̅ fight anoda day…
    All dis insults is appalling…by d wayTL i do enjoying reading all dem stories..i read episode 1-24 I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ like 12hrs or dere abt.Keep it up

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