“I promised to start something new on the blog today if I got 100aiis on twitter.  Didn’t quite get 100, managed 85. In appreciation of those 85 people, here’s Flora, my thoughts as I looked at some really beautiful flowers. I’ll post these on Wednesdays and it’ll run for 21 weeks. Oyin Clegg’s story continues on Mondays. Hope you enjoy and are inspired by Flora. 



One of the most uncomfortable experiences I have had was passing through a footpath lined with a certain species of grass. No matter how carefully I walked, my clothes ended up being covered in some spiky seeds. The flowers of the grass was positioned such that, try as you may, you would always end up carrying those seeds away once you pass by the grass. Depending on the pollination agent, the flowers on any plant are positioned such that it will take full advantage of the slightest of contacts with that agent. They are positioned in such a way that the plant does not have to do anything actively: the positioning of the flowers ensures that the pollen is dispersed.

One of the most key skills that every individual hoping to succeed in the twenty first century and beyond must develop is the ability to strategically position yourself to receive what you desire. Positioning means setting yourself up to get that which you desire with the least possible stress. Positioning may be a physical movement, a mental re-alignment, the building of some relationships, going to certain places more or less or adding to your skill set. It is about doing whatever it takes to make you the most likely person to be sought out for that which you desire.

The flower is positioned strategically only after years of study, such that it has learnt over the millennia to position itself even before the pollinator comes along. It doesn’t wait for the wind to blow before it positions itself so that its pollen is carried by the wind. It anticipates the way the wind will blow and then positions itself to take advantage of that wind-flow. It is strategically positioned. It is not reactionary but anticipatory.

Those that will succeed in the present and emerging world need to learn this from the flowers. We must do a good study of the areas in which we intend to succeed and understand it properly in order to gain insight and foresight into our chosen areas. If we do these things, like the flower, we must then position ourselves strategically to benefit from these future tendencies. We need to position ourselves such that these benefits come to us with the least possible effort.

Many people desire success, but their minds are not positioned to receive that which they need to succeed. The prerequisite to strategic positioning is understanding, based on information. Positioning is not about what you do in the now, but about what you have done before the now. Learn from the flower. Determine what you want, get informed about it and position yourself to attract that which you want with the least possible effort before the time you expect I to come.

There are those who we term as being born with silver spoons. Yet still, it is not where or how you were born that carries the day; it is what you do with that spoon that carries the day. There were some who were never opportuned to be born with any kind of spoon at all, but upon an encounter with the one who positions all things right, they have turned out great.


30 thoughts on “Flora – First Petal – STRATEGIC POSITIONING

  1. great write up, very true n on point. thumb up tunde u re a prolific writer. i respect ur writing skill.

  2. Y is it dat some ppl dnt think b4 dey post comment?if u dnt appreciate his work,it’s not a must 2 comment. Btw good job tunde!

  3. Hmmmmm! Making me think and re-strategise. I really need to be a flower. Well thought out TL, like ur style and mode of expression. I’ll wait for more series even as I await monday for oyin clegg. Smiles.

  4. First, this story is the bomb, my BB girlfriend send it to me, that I should show it to my Girlfriend. I just check it out and turn out to be interesting!!!!!! Its a good work especially the strategic positioning!!!!!! I love it more!!!!!!!! Thanks man!!!!!!

  5. Nice write up! Can’t want for next week’s episode. Hope Toke hasn’t gotten involved with another gay/woman beater? *fingers crossed*

  6. Seriously and like I said b4, i don’t who u r or where r but u hv got some qualitative inspiring abilities and I enjoy ur piece.bravo!

  7. Seriously and like I said b4, i don’t know who u r or where u r but u hv got some qualitative inspiring abilities and I enjoy ur piece.bravo!

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