Golden Sands Book Cover


Here’s the cover for Golden Sands. And a short synopsis.



27 thoughts on “Golden Sands Book Cover

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  2. Wow! And itz wow. Such an intriguing work. I only knew about it yesterday, read it all thru d night. I’ll say satisfying. Thumbs up Leye. The golden sands cover is eye catching.

  3. Oh…. Why na? Why do we have to wait for the next episodes? You would ended the story at once so we expect something new. Any way, the blog is tight sha.

  4. This is a very good piece , am amazed this could come out of naija. Pls keep it up and I want to know how I can get this book

  5. Errr…was this book inspired by Sidney Sheldon’s Are you afraid of the dark….because the synopsis reminds me a lot about that book.

  6. Hi. Very nice work.
    A friend sent me the link to “finding hubby”, it was so nice that I had to keep going through your blog.
    Took a short break to tell you bout a Mag am working onn.
    It’s an unpublished mag still in the foundation stage & we are in search of a Managing/Copy Editor.
    Please get intouch if you are interested.
    Now back to the Oyin Cleggs…”Well done” real gr8 work.

  7. Lovely! With this bush I’m living (giggles-no wonder hausas hate Yorubas from th cities), I hope to be the first to buy at least at the FCT.

  8. I just looked on amazon, and it’s only on kindle. Is there a paperback version?
    Just asking ’cause I think this might be one of those books I’d read, by thumbing threw to some earlier pages, and skip ahead, then carry on, don’t think I’d want to click through this.

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