Finding Hubby – Episode 16


Ossy took a seat opposite me as a waiter followed him closely with an exquisite bottle of white wine, the type that I liked. “Is this a joke or something? Or are you on a date with Gloria here?” I asked, confused. Someone had been sending me romantic notes and gifts for the past few days and Ossy turned up on my date. “Please listen”, he responded trying to calm me down, because I was raising my voice already. For some reason I still cannot understand, I gave him the benefit of doubt and sat back calmly to hear whatever explanation he had for this.

“Look, I’m going to cut to the chase Oyin. The truth is that my feelings for you have not changed one bit from the first day I set my eyes on you. I could never love another woman the way I love you, my mind is fixed on you. And don’t think I haven’t tried to love my wife. I truly have, with all of my might. But my heart refuses to agree with what my head knows is the right thing to do. I truly cannot live without you Oyin”.

“So that’s why you ruined my wedding and humiliated me in front of the whole world? Love! That’s why you let me go into a serious relationship with Yomi for 3months with all you knew without uttering one word. Love!! And you come here asking me to cheat on myself and my friend by having an affair with her husband? Love!!! So you have finished looking at me and you don’t think I can find a man of my own, so I should be content to share you with someone as a side-chick? Ossy you are a selfish man. Ossy you are a mad man. Ossy you are a wicked man! In fact evil man!”

He stood up to come over to my side “Oyin try and understand. Please. Look at the lengths I have gone to, just to get your attention and get you here. I’m not saying…” he tried to hold my hand.

If you see the violence with which I pushed his hands away en, you will wonder where I got the strength from. “I do not care what you are trying to say, get your hands off my body! You just took advantage of the fact that you know me so well, to do the exact things I told you a long time ago were thoughts and daydreams I had, and that we had talked about that I would love. That’s not going to any length, that’s taking advantage of me!” I stood up and literarily climbed over him. “Don’t ever let me hear from you again. Do not call, text, drop a note again. Ever!” Then I cupped my boobs in front of his eyes and shouted as I gave him dagger eyes “These can never be for you, even if no other man wants them! Oloriburuku, (literarily ‘your head is not correct’). God will punish you a thousand times.”

He just sat there calmly, as if on the verge of tears. I really couldn’t care. I stormed out of the restaurant, barging into every table and chair on my way enroute the door. I am finding hubby now, not finding friend’s hubby. Kilodem! I blocked out everything I was passing. At the door, I turned round to look at him. He still sat there, as if he didn’t believe I was going to leave him there like that. It angered me that he had been so sure I would fall for it and agree to his plans. Imagine, the clown wanted to be doing Glo at home and have me Oyin Clegg as a side-chick outside. Wonders will never end. God forbid!

I went to my car and when the security guy that helped me out of the car park kept hailing me, I shouted on him seriously. The guy couldn’t understand how the nice madam that came in bright and smiling didn’t want to make “the boys” happy. I drove to the café where Toke was sipping on a mix of Smirnoff Ice and Malt (you should try this, it is really noice). I caught her by surprise, she almost spilled her drink. “Wetin happen? Why you out so quickly now? Thought you were having such a great time you forgot to give your poor friend updates any longer” she asked, with raised eyebrows. She got serious when she saw I wasn’t smiling at her jibe “What’s the issue, what happened”, she queried, sitting up. I took her drink and gulped it down first, “Order another one for yourself, I’m not returning this one.” She signaled the waiter and I relished the drink while she ordered for another.

“What was wrong with our man now? Is that how high his level of wowo-ness is ni? Abi he called you HOyin too ni? Abi its Femi trying to apologize? (told you guys Toke’s imagination is very fertile ground abi? As in Femi? SMH)”. I rolled my eyes for effect to show her she was imagining wayyyy off again. “Oya, stop being silly and leave all this suspense now”, she said, rolling her eyes in return.

I heaved a deep sigh and said “well, Mr. Poet turned out to be none other than our dear friend-in-law Ossy!” Toke actually fell out of her chair in shock. “What! Jesus, Joseph and Mary! The nerve! Is he mad ni? I’m all ears, fill me in”. I quickly gave her a rundown of the events inside the restaurant. She got very concerned at the obsession with which Ossy had come after me and how calm he was about my rejection. We decided she would stay with me for a bit to avoid any obsessed person to hurt me because of rejection. I watched some movie called Obsession which featured Beyonce a while ago. Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman can also read the earth hath no fury like a scorned man.                                                                                                                                                           

We each had two more of our mix and the Smirnoff (which has just as much alcohol as beer by the way) was starting to make us slightly light headed. In the midst of our chatter, I remembered that Toke told me there was something she wanted to tell me after my date. “En en, what was the gist you said I should wait till the end of my date. So the date is over now, I’m sure nothing can top my experience of this evening, so spill it”.

Toke shifted uncomfortably in her chair, as if trying to find the words to say what she wanted to. I knew that move very well. “Talk now, worris it now?” She gave it a thought briefly and then responded “I think I should let the person concerned tell you by herself.” She picked her phone and called someone “she’s here now, you can come. How long? Five minutes? Okay. We’re waiting. Yeah, the café I told you. Alright.”

I kept looking at Toke, trying to understand the drama she was acting but she refused to volunteer anything. So we waited. I just silently hoped that it was not another plan with Ossy. I would personally strangle Toke if it was. A couple of minutes later, her phone rang. She picked it up, got up as she answered and signaled that she needed to step outside. She was gone for about two minutes. I checked my TL on twitter to keep myself occupied, keeping an eye on the door.

When Toke returned, she was with another lady. I couldn’t make out who it was initially, it was getting dark, plus the lady was wearing a scarf and wore dark glasses. But then, you cannot be close friends with someone and miss them on a second glance. Toke was coming in with Gloria Onisokame.

As they approached, my mind raced to a thousand and one things she might want to tell me that made Toke even think of bringing us together. So they got to me and sat down. I shot Toke a “this had better have a serious explanation” look and she gave me a “calm down and all shall be revealed look”. The greatest reason why men cannot understand women is because they do not know how to understand this “communication by looks”. They used to understand perfectly when they were kids (when one look from your mum told you exactly what response to give to a question from some friend or relative) but it seems they lose this all important trouble avoiding ability as they grow up. Anyways, I digress.

Gloria didn’t say a word. She didn’t even say hi or anything like that. She just sat down directly opposite us (Toke was now by my side) and silently removed her scarf. And then she removed her glasses. And then I gasped. And then my mouth opened and refused to close. And then an anger welled up within me that made me bang my hands on the table and shout. Everyone in the café turned towards us but I couldn’t care less

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151 thoughts on “Finding Hubby – Episode 16

  1. ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡) too short again!dat ossy is a nicompu o,men av guts sre he’s beating gloria.dat would b jus too sad.eagerly waiting 4next week!

  2. You go girl, I love the way u treated Ossy. What effontry. When Toke got up to get the other girl, I knew it was Gloria. Now what do they have up their sleeves. those people should just stay on their lane, haba.

  3. Ossy is a fool, plus u got me there I knew it was glory but my heart literally skipped when she walked in like I was ryt there in the zone. Gosh so Ossy na woman beater. Anyways I keep telling my friends if a guy that likes me and has done so for so long but I have repeatedly turned him down starts liking you, don’t bother being the nicer babe and mend his broken heart because the fact remains that as far as he has not conquered me, he will always come back more desperate and na u go suffer am. ( I still break hearts for a living joor though karma wan make I stop will only when I find hubby Laffin out loud) nice episode.

  4. What is wrong with u Tunde Leye,* warm* yourself o!! Ehn ehn…i have to wait anoda week to know how these ladies would descend on the wife-beating Ossy. Nice write up, may ur Ink never run dry

  5. This is getting more interisting!ossy u av guts anyway and u fink u can jus walk into her life easily!can u imagine?well he has seen a desperado.mtcheeewww.

  6. God will punish Ossy!!! I swear!!! What utter nonsense. Rubbish, n nincompop. Blaggadash. Who does he think he is??!!!! Mtcheew!!!!! He can like to choke on d love. And as for Glo, i hope he didnt beat her up o….she shud takia of herself sha
    But dat Ossy shud keep dreaming about Oyin Clegg as dem togeda is so not coming to reality

  7. Okay, so now Glo, wants to tell Oyin no b ossy get belle nd aw she’s not enjoying her marriage abi which one! Btw i L♥√ع the pictures!!!! Some really nice imaginations cqme thru…… As always a good write up

    PS: if Tunde Leye was God, the world will end of suspense…. Lmao!!!!!

    OyinClegg makes me look forward to MONDAY!!!!

    • It has to be more complicated than it seems jooooor!!! Maybe Glo did something terrible that turned Ossy to a woman beater (˘̯˘ ) ( ˘˘̯). I don’t trust Tunde. He can turn anything into a twist!

  8. This Ossy guy must really be crazy and YES, run for ur dear life cos an obsessed man can do anything. To tink dat he even beats his wife. He has issues.Eh yah! All dat glitters aint gold. Gloria u Ơ̴̴̴̴͡.̮Ơ̴̴̴͡ ur life now? U re married n glued to a man dat will remove all ur teeth wit blows. Sincerely I believe its a blessing in disguise dat u didn’t marry Ossy in the first place cos no mata the love he will still beat u.

  9. Loooool! Ossy! Blahdy Idiet! Mtschew! Good for him oh… Anyways… Tunde, what is it this time oh? Is Ossy beating Gloria ni?

  10. Wife beater too? Ossy na snake! Haba! And to think I was routing for him in the beginning… Chei Oyin you are no more safe o! I cannot imagine how you will successfully ‘find hubby’ with that snake monitoring your every move. You better move out and change all your phone lines! He probably has a key to your house sef, and your bedroom. Be careful o!

  11. Tundeeeee ohhhhhh!!!!!….ahhhhh!..what happened next nauuu???? i cant wait till Monday jor…(*piss* send the next episode to my inbox i wouldn’t tell anyone)…i’m sure Glo got pregnant for another man that beat her up, not Ossy. Ossy can’t beat up any woman he’s too gentle for that…

    Anyway Tunde u are very good mehn!..keep it up!! (but i hate suspense sha!)

  12. Please can we make dis series 3 or 2 times a week… Can’t wait till monday ooooo d suspense ehh *smh* Glo got wat she asked for…hehehe Ossy go hear am well well from dis gals

    • how do u mean she got what she asked for? are u saying this is a normal trend????? Abeg oooo, no woman deerves to b hit for wahtever reason so i disagree strongly with u on this statement

      • And no woman is suppose to go behind her friends back even if her friend is not interested.. I’m sure she knew clearly that ossy wasn’t over oyin but because she was desperate turned a blind eye, I just hope he doesn’t turn her blind completely..

  13. Gosh…i can imagine oyin’s frustration with her life….its one drama after the other…..can d girl just get a breathin space abeg! Betrayal frm her own innercircle all d time…kilode gaan!

  14. Oyin clegg… Side chic?? Haba ossy, u no just try at all!!!!! For the first tym in a long while, oyin impressed me with her reaction to ossy! She’s proved she aint desperate anymore. Feel so sowwi for glo tho.

    By the way, Tunde abeg! This suspense don dey too much! U wan kee us ni??

    • Na wa oo. I just discovered this blog last night and I have been clued to my phone…… wetin nw, has ossy turned Gloria into his punch bag or watt? The ossy guy is just confused. He should Neva have let Oyin and YOmi’s relationship go dat far, he should Neva have married her best friend and most of all Oyin shld have recognized wat a gud man Ossy was and she should have dated him and Neva accepted YOmi’s request. But then again, Ossy could have equall done wat his done to Gloria to her as well. In my opinion, Oyin is not meant to get married, she needs to forget bat that and focus on other aspects of her life and possibily consider adorpting a child from the motherless baby homes. Simples!!!!!!!! Excellent writing so far MrT keep it up

  15. See me thinkin I’ll be d first to comment o. *rolling my eyes* so all dis pple hv gotten here already! Anyway, dat ossy is mad o. High 5 for oyin joor! Wat was he tinkin would happen? Hen! If dat man beat Gloria ehn, he deserves to be killed. Mtcheeeeeew! Wife beater, oshi!

  16. Oh My Tunde….I just got the link to this blog last night and I must tell you I got hooked right from episode one, been reading up since then….I can’t imagine how all ur readers must have been dealing with the suspense… u mean we gatto wait till next monday for the next episode??? …..*whew*…..

  17. You don’t know the value of what you have until you loose it,Ossy pls grow up u’re married n Oyin is not n will never be a side chick.Go n make things work with Gloria

  18. Eh eh! Which kain suspense be ds nah Tunde..warris it gaan sef? We shall af to wait till Monday! I suspect it wasn’t Ossy dat beat Glo up oo buh I commend u o jare Oyin for lambasting him for such attempt! Fingers crossed till mnday *whew* 7long days!

  19. this is soooooooooooooooooo not fair oh, I think i can guess this one OSSY is beating her…. i want more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trust me them lovey dovey guys are the worst sometimes t!!! deceivers

  20. Honestly dt ossy guy iz stupid o!! And plz let it nt b dt he hit Glo o!!coz ƪ can like 2 strangle him mysef.cnt wait 2 read d next episode….xoxo

  21. Dis suspense is killing!!!! U jst gave me α hart attack!!! I want mooooooorrrrrreeeeee!!! *crying* I’m sure he has beaten her black-blue buh why is d question. And if my suspsion is true den I hope afta dis,oyin wldnt fnk σяv datin him let alone marryin him!

  22. OMGoist! Wat aff happen now? So Ossy aff been panel-beating Glo? Abi na Glo go carry belle for another man??? Choi! Tunde Leye no go kill person! Can’t wait for monday!

  23. Please a round of applause for oyin she handled ossy in the most correctess way! Then I must try the malt and smirnoff mix. To the koko of the mata: so ossy na woman beater! Mmmmm! Obession with oyin don turn am to a maniac? Ok o! Wished ‘findind hubby’ was daily o! Tunde biko.

  24. Pls tell me he isn’t beating her!
    Oyin, for once I can give u a well deserved hug! Thumbs up bbz! U for once acted right! Ossy, u have nerve! Not just d nerve of expecting Oyin to be d side chick of her ‘friend’s’husband, but enough nerve to ochestrate ds after beating ur wife! Seriously, u need Jesus!
    Glo, somehow, I have no sympathy for u! U got beaten in ur own game. Of course u know, that wasn’t love….
    Oyin, I hope u have learnt that if u chew on baits left by strangers, ish like ds can happen to u!

  25. This has taken a turn i dont want to beleive, im just going to sit back, relax, try out that blend of smirnoff and malt and wait till next week cos i cant fit to shout and give myself high BP ontop this drama

  26. Wao ,Glo Glo pele o ,as for ossy I reserved ♍Ɣ comment till next week ,cos am sure its will be another story .Nice work tunde

  27. Tunde leye kips annoyin me in a gud n curious way evriday……Ossy tho,wats wit men 4rm bendel n cheating….8-|

  28. Tunde leye kips annoyin me in a gud n curious way,d wik jst bgan buh I’m wishin it will end ryt nw,monday is so far 😥 ……Ossy tho….8-|

  29. Yeeeepaaaripaaa! Haba! Uncle Tunde!!! It haf not fair o! Aw can? I mean aw can u dothis to me? *With my heart racing 150* I had to scroll to d end of d page to b sure I had finished reading….mchewww

    Hian! See yeye Ossy o! Barawo!
    As for aunty Glo…kpele ti e o!
    Honeymix gurl! Thumbs up for dt move jare.

    Suggestion to Uncle Tunde: abeg, na God I dey take beg u ehen…plixxx kindly make d episodes a bit longer and less heart attack driven…haba! kilode?!…tnx abunch!
    Thumbs up tho (y)

  30. What α̲̅ lame-ass punk ossy is. Feel like entering the next episode to beat him up! Nice move by Oyin there…she try.

  31. Ossy us a greedy nigga. Who sent him to marry Gloria sef?! I hope he didn’t beat Gloria up shaaa. Oya o Tunde we await d next one! *jumping*

  32. There is something not right about your friend dating, not to talk of marrying a guy that has been wooing you for long. See now, Ossy turns out to be a cheater, wife beater, (and‎​ might just be a child molester). There should be a girl code against that act.

  33. Y r u pple abusing glo now,u pple r wicked,wen glo married ossy u pple said its good 4 oyin,now he is beating her u pple r now blaming her…koda oo
    Its nt gloria fault dat ossy is still hung up on oyin
    Notwitstandin ossy is an obsessed bastard

  34. ​​​​​​​​​​​=))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=)) 9c….. TL, we r al takın dış story personal ooooH, pls nw, make it 2 days ın a Week!!!! Kiloderm!! Ur shakara don plenty oooh..
    My prayer 4 u is DT God wil contınue 2 give u möre ınsıght, wısdom n ur ink wnt run dry. Amen.

  35. Tunde leye,Can you please make this story into a movie, i am more than willing to audition for the role of Oyin, or even Toke, and play the part even for free……….lol. Nicest story ever. makes my Mondays bearable!!!

  36. The true intents behind every human action are reveals in time. These are interesting developments for all parties. Ossy hooked up and married Gloria to spite Oyin. Gloria accepts the indecent proposal beacuse she thought she was the smarter one. Now she’s the punching bag Ossy uses to release his pent up frustrations. Hmmm, though she’s Mrs. Ossy now (goal achieved) however, putting the situation in right perspective, she’s playing second fiddle! Tricky things I must say!

  37. Hey Tunde,
    Dis is going way way intriguing, exciting and suspense-filled!
    What on earth does Ossy think he’s doing?
    And Gloria? In scarf and shades (glasses)?
    Hope Ossy hasn’t turned her to:) punching bag already?
    If he has, then he’s in for another think. Oyin will so show him *fins’,
    things he won’t 4get in A(*) hurry. Oloriburuku indeed.

  38. All I want to say is I felt oyins swag when she press p fa! Lol… Tunde,its a beg we need more dis suspense is killing me softly….

  39. Tunde,
    How do u manage to sound so female? Our exclamations, our tots? Our pettiness? Our romance? Our emotions….u dey try o.
    Well done.

  40. Ahn-ahn?!!!! Must u alws do this to us?!!! Abeg Tunde no dey leave us trying to imagine what the next few lines go bi nah..isn’t it enuf that we wait one looooong week to read..???abeg no make me vex for u oh cos me don dey vex already o…one day, I go just vex and kidnap u till I read all the episodes of finding hubby…Lol..! But really lovely episode..thumbs up!

  41. It better not be what am thinking…dt ossy must be a jerk,buh again with finding hubby d surprises are endless…eagerly waiting 4nxt week’s..

  42. Ossy must really be insane infact a physical living proof of OLORIBURUKU,meanwhile if Ossy is a woman beater Gloria deserves wat she’s getting afterall she sneaked @ Oyin’s back to force herself cheaply on her girlfriend’s toaster and remember she was even ready to quarrel with oyin d day Oyin caught Ossy kissing Glo’ @ her crib.its a lesson 4 u girls against all odds ur friend’s toaster,admirer,ex boy friend e.t.c its a NO GO AREA..

    • On a second thot I don’t think Ossy is not a wife beater I just think he called d marriage off and Gloria’s been crying all day so her eyes and face is swollen n eyes red or a third thot she’s not into Ossy n she’s been cheating on him nd got CAUGHT!!!

  43. OMG j hope Ossy didn’t do anything to Glo’s face oo……. can’t wait for the next episode, do we really have to wait till next monday *rme*

  44. How did Gloria run into a wall. I am waiting to know which contraption she ran into. I want to believe Ossy did the battering

  45. Wow,,,,… Nice,,,,… Way to guy mr blogger,,,,…. I love how this is going,,,… And I love that guys(ossy’s) boldness love and courage,,,,..

  46. I believe Glo got wot she deservd! Dissing ur gurl by dating a man chasing afta her is totally uncalled for! A hurry into a marriage is a hurry out of it! SHIKENAA!!!

  47. I mean I feel bad and all for Glory. But, what was she thinking? why would you settle for a guy that you know is crazy about your friend. Were you so eager to marry? and Ossy couldn’t have been that much in love if he went and married her friend…abi

  48. Smh. Ossy is a ceritified bastard. Oyin betta becareful before ossy reenacts a sence from obssesion(the movie).

  49. Omg,dis is gettin more and more interesting,full of suspense,abi d wedding btw Gloria and Ossy was arrangee,dats y d 2 of dem actually ruined oyin’s wedding,Yes dat is it,Ossy!!!!!speechless

  50. Ds time around I tnk the three of them oyin,gloria and ossy wud v to go on their knees for direction cos only God knws wen ossy’s chase wud end and wen oyin wud find her hubby,toke shld pray for her frnds too,it is well

  51. Not again TL!!!!!! This suspense is killing me jare….my heart aches for Glo…. “Ndo Nne”… TL Do bonus with one more episode this week.

  52. One virtue tunde leye is still trying to instill in me is “patience” but men it aint easy, looking forward to knowing who gave glo a black eye. As for Ossy…..hmmmm no comment for now

  53. So I have to wait another monday to get the full gist? Lawd oyin u r killing me mehn, dang gurl…arrrgh d suspense d suspense d SUSPENSE!!! Is killing a lady LOL

  54. Okay I count myself lucky to have stumbled upon dis link after 16 episodes but dat luck is running out now cuz I av 2 experience what oda readers do *sadface*. maybe ill deny myself internet access 4 one whole month to kill d suspense a bit arrrggh….

  55. Dear Tunde Leye and readers of this blog, if the queen of england should read ds blog, she’ll probably have us arrested for murdering english! I can’t stop laughing @ d remixed english words- ‘noice’, ‘warris it’,’correctest’…keep it rolling people! Ds is my ‘favouritest’ blog. =))º°˚˚˚°ºнaĦaнaº°˚˚˚°º‎​=))

  56. Wow wonder wat glo has †Φ say! Oyin u been thru a lot…. Bt ossy wld have been so good. Plus wat wuz ossy thinking when he decided †Φ marry glo?

  57. and now ur blog seems to be like a typical Nigerian movie,,,,Ossy becomes a wife beater,beats and maltreats Gloria up coz he knw he feels something more for Oyin…Oyin get furious and hates Ossy and thanks God he now sees Ossy for the kinda man he his…Ossy tries to xplain dats he’s not dat man and bla bla bla….”op u can twist ma mind off dis and giv me smething fresh and intriguing sha” …..if not am getting bored coz its all the same…..but dat Ossy na fuckup guy…there are beta ways to play a typical lekki babe …..y u go wan impress am wiv dinner for 2 and all…..not ways of a player…thank God i don hang my playing boots…lol…him for cum for tutorials….lol….

    • Lol I’m surprised the usual suspects haven’t attacked you. This was exactly the same thing I said yesterday. The episodes are becoming too predictable, and very much the cliché naija movie. It’s lost that x-factor, and the writer seems to be going in circles. This whole ossy ish, we’ve been down that road before. It’s time for the story to take on a new direction; with new characters and new plot points. Oh well, I should stop talking. The oyin voltrons won’t like it if I continue.

  58. Hi, read all 17 episodes in one day. Wow, 1 week is a long wait oh! I guess I have to learn to read slowly, laughs. How do you manage to write these stories, while also writing a novel? My hat is off to you. I value good reading material and yours is top on my list; at least for now ni, to borrow your word, smile. Have a great week.

  59. By the way, forget about all these insatiable people who are talking about the stories sounding like a Nigerian movie. We are in Nigeria, what should it sound like ni??? Tunde, please borrow a leaf from Scheherazade’s page and give these people something to choke on!!! Two thumbs up!!!

    • Ose God bless u oh dnt mind dem critics they just being typical Nigerians as well. Tunde shd just surprise them with a twist in d novel nxt week.

  60. By the way, forget about all these insatiable people who are talking about the stories sounding like a Nigerian movie. We are in Nigeria, what should it sound like ni??? Your eye for detail and the rich content is what makes it stand out from the others, not to talk of the subtle, sly wit. Tunde, please take a leaf from Scheherazade and give these people something to choke on!!! Two thumbs up!!!

  61. By the way, forget about all these insatiable people who are talking about the stories sounding like a Nigerian movie. We are in Nigeria, what should it sound like ni??? Your eye for detail and the rich content is what makes it stand out from the others, not to talk of the subtle, sly wit. Tunde, please borrow a leaf from Scheherazade and give these people something to choke on!!! Two thumbs up!!!

  62. Some of you like to spoil d suspense 4 no good reason. D writer. Of. This prose is a terrific person. So good. So y not wait and see wot happens. No one knew yomi was gna turn out gay and femi was gna treat oyin d way he did. So don’t conclude yet. If you. Are tired of reading. Don’t say stuffs dat will make peeps. Stop reading. At least give d writer. Some. Credit. You can write yors. So stop critisizing

  63. Tunde Leye, u’re just awesome, can’t imagine how a guy can understand ladies so much and the way they think. This blog brightens up my week… Me I want to believe Ossy wasn’t the one that gave Glo the black eye sha, I mean I can’t just imagine how such a calm and perfect gentleman will turn out to be a wife beater…. TL please let it not be Ossy, pppllllleeeeaaaaasssseeee! Lol You’re doing a great work bruv, more grease to ur elbow and more ink to your *winks*

  64. I know that Ossy didn’t beat her, he sounds like too much of a darling to do that, probably he caught her sleeping with someone else!!

  65. Mmmmmmm!!! But oyin, u need to know that “oloriburuku” doesn’t mean madman o =-? It means “doomed head”. Also, smirnoff ice doesn’t have much alcohol as beer.

    • By that, we sd infer that terminally ill cancer patients have no rights to husbands and should actually have the priviledge of watching their marriages die before they die!
      I’m getting u bbz! Nice1

  66. Just reading ur blog 4 d 1st time n I sooooo can’t wait 4 d next episode 2 drop! I ve 2 say dis ur GOOD…..some of ur lines really got me laffing n 2 tink of it dat its a guy dat is writing dis…. Keep it up!

  67. Wow! you are indeed gifted. Compelling story, keeps you wanting more.. I expect many best selling novels from you. I cant wait for your first book. Well done

  68. wow! A leopard never sheds its spots!! a lot of lessons to b learnt… btw,dat smirnoff ice/malt mixture is really ‘noice’ indeed!:D

  69. Eish Tunde, I was sorta hoping d story will take a different turn at ds point. Dat maybe Ossy was there for sometn else…sigh. To be frank, its become boring n predictable for me…bt its ur call n most pple seem happy so kip it up.

  70. y is every body condeming ossy wt out waiting 2 find out wot happened??? I pity d poor guy jare……..afterall he’s jst in luv!

    • Ehn omar, what happened like what device he employed in beating her, or as most of u guys always blab, whether she provoked him ba?
      Guy, bushing is brushing. There is no how or why to it as long as d damage is done

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  72. At this point, I’d really like to comment, I mean the social worker/marriage counsellor in me will like to give a piece of advice. Gloria married Ossy, not the other way round. She was desperate for a husband and he was desperate for a wife but she was more desperate and about a month after she’s married and part 1 is sorted but part 2 is the man will never love her cos he’s not knit with her like he is with Oyin, so to rid of his inability to get the one his heart yearns for the one available will def receive the blows or the insults. So guys be careful of how and who you marry.

  73. I lik d holding of boobs nd tellin ossy, “u can neva hav dis”…mehn! I shuld try dat sometym *winks*….ehen see dis mumu Ossy ooo, has he started deckin Glo or wah?

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