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Let me tell you, if you haven’t taken time to go get yourself pampered at a spa, and you are making above fifty thousand monthly, you better indulge yourself. You can feel the stress ease out of you as those people handle you. And some of the spa attendants en, they can make you feel like you don’t live in this same Nigeria sha. They are so totally fine and near flawless. Haba! There are some men I saw there, coming to get massages, and in my inner mind, I knew they were there for the girls. Anyways, the owners of the business know this, hence the girls. It reminded me of those fine guys that served ice cream at Ice Cream Factory. You don’t need to wonder why all the island girls have suddenly made it their one stop shop and fashied Chocolate Royale.

To get up was war after the whole massage. Whenever you are getting something osho-free, even when you can afford it, it always feels sweeter. I managed to drive myself home, and had the most peaceful sleep I’d had since the whole wedding saga. Friday morning, I woke up and hit my left leg on the bed as I was getting down. Then I hit it on the bathroom door too. Now, forget tushness, there are some things you grow up with and no matter how educated you are, you still unconsciously remember them. My mama is a typical Yoruba woman, and she drummed it into our heads growing up that if you strike your left leg against something, it was a bad omen. She even had the one where she would ask a guy to meet her first as she was going out of the house on something important. She said meeting the opposite sex first was a good omen, and hence she made sure of that. And with all my UK masters and my Island big girl-ism, that was what came to my mind this morning. You can imagine.

I sha packed myself out of the house, thanking God it was Friday. Work went by and I was wondering what Mr. Poet would come up with today. I didn’t have to wait for long. An sms came into my phone around lunch hour.

“We should meet. Private dinner at the Palm View Manor off Ajose Adeogun. Let’s do 8pm. Ask after Chris”. Notice he said “ask after” not “ask for”. The guy can speak proper English. I smiled. I forwarded the text to Toke sharply and she agreed to be my “backup”, with the addition “Mr. Poet now has a name o”. At my age, I am not foolish. I don’t go and meet strange men in places they chose without having someone around the corner that can make sure I’m safe. I have watched too many C & I things to make such silly mistakes. So Toke was gonna be around and in touch, to avoid stories that touch. We can say serial killers are not in Naija yet, but there was a time when people also said Nigerians could never be suicide bombers.

Anyways, the day raced past after that, and then I waited for Toke to meet me up at work. Since I close at five, I had about two hours to burn before my date. We spent it imagining who this secret admirer could be. Toke said she had some other gist for me, but that would be after my date, since she said it was not so great gist. I made up my mind to just have fun and enjoy the moment, no serious anything. In no time, we headed out, with Toke driving behind me.

I found Palm View Manor easily. It’s one of those exclusive places in VI that the people who are old money meet to talk about how all the brash new money people are invading their moneyed space and how to create newer exclusive circles available only to old money. Toke stayed at one café on the road; there are many of those in that area. Seems like a nice business to do on the island, I should begin to consider opening one.

Seven on the dot, I drove into the compound and walked to the reception. A small Asian lady was behind the counter and I smiled sweetly and asked after Chris. She returned a smile just as sweet as mine and said in the gesture-full way Asians do “Chris is already waiting; you’ll be shown to the table right away”. Another guy came out of the staff only door behind her to lead me to Chris. I liked the treatment and all. I so couldn’t wait to see this mystery man. Second by second updates were flying to Toke via BBM. Thankfully the network wasn’t falling hand and she was getting my messages realtime.

We went through a beautiful corridor, with old pictures of Lagos Island when things were sane and orderly hanging on the walls. We turned a corner and came into a very well furnished restaurant. They seemed to have a thing for red velvet and combined with the lighting, it had a cool comfortable look. I was ushered into a secluded seat in a corner, with candles and all set up on the table. Chris wasn’t there. Very quietly, my guide disappeared and I was alone. I discreetly took a picture of the table and sent to Toke. I was engrossed in my chat with her but all of a sudden, I felt there was someone else with me. I braced up to meet him for the first time. A very pretty, I’ll repeat, extremely pretty lady smiled down at me. I assumed she was looking for someone and smiled at her too, waiting for her to ask me a question. She said with a tilt of her head, “Oyin Clegg?” I was surprised but answered that I was the one. She stretched her hand towards me and said “Chris”.

I was confused. How could my admirer be a woman! Lord have mercy. I sat trance-like while she took a seat opposite me. “You look very puzzled”, she continued. “With your last experience, I can imagine you think I’m a lesbian. Don’t be afraid, I just pulled strings for a friend who couldn’t secure this place himself. I had to be around to ensure that he would gain access, this place is very exclusive. I’ll leave you now.” She stood up, gave me a look over and then nodded slowly “I see what he sees in you”. She then went towards the door. My hand flew to my bbm and I sent an update to Toke. I was engrossed in sending the message I didn’t notice that someone had walked up to me. When I looked up, I almost let out a scream. It was Ossy.


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251 thoughts on “Finding Hubby – Episode 15

  1. I sooooooooo knew it! OSSY! Chei, so what’s his plan now. What is gonna happen to Gloria? But tunde y now! So I have to wait till next wk to find out!!!

  2. I knew it now I wanna hate ossy and oyin she berra not cheat with her friend’s husband regardless. Anyways next week berra relieve this pain I feel inside.

  3. TL shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! U just had to add that chris part to give ur readers some ‘I guessed right’ grin! But mehn, my heart skipped o! U know Oyin is my gal, I dint want a female bee around her! Neither did I want it to be Ossy! What does he want to say now? He is sorry or he still loves her? Abeg! Guy try park well and face ur wife! If u r as decent as ppl think u r, then keep ur marital vows.

  4. I knew it was going to be Ossy….now wat does he want.Hmmm thank u 4 d initial suspense of bring out a lady,I love dat. This episode seems shorter than d others or is it jst my imagination?

  5. This is crazy,ossy bawo,am getting confused oh,is ossy not married abi na arrangy marriage he do ni,this is really getting serious,let oyin find this hubby sharply,its taking like forever to find hubby in lagos,this life sha

  6. First??? Anyways, Ossy should give himself brain joor and free this Oyin lady. Hasn’t he caused enough havoc…….mschew. But that aside, the bruvah knows how to woo a lady sha…. Choi *fans self*

    • He never got married ke? Even if we try to assume that he planned it with Gloria, What’s with Gloria’s big Tommy and who is the father of the unborn child???

      • Leave ds Toyin chick! Maybe they even rented the officiating priests and wedding guests to make it more make-believe abi? Africa magic Tinz! Bbz, Ossy is as married as he is soon to be a dad! Lagos is too busy marrying babes to have a free Saturday for faking a wedding o

  7. Shebi I said this girl should marry the man that came her way regardless of the situation of things… Marry & avoid all these unnecessary toastings & rubbish… Who will drag a married woman out of her house for such surprises??? Isn’t Ossy married???

  8. Hummmmmmmmmmmmm! Dis is serious! Abeg wetin ossy dey find again? But come 2 tinfk of it, he actually knows hw 2 swep a woman off her fit! Nice one ossy, but u re married nw, wetin u dey find again? Abeg park well joor n face ur wife. It beter nt be wat am tinfkin? Can’t wait 4 d nxt episode hahahahahahahhahhaha!

  9. This is ossy is just a bastard! I had the feeling it would be him… Pshiiiooor! I wonder how she handles it. Isn’t the bonkom’s wife preggers?! Mschew… Poor Gloria.

  10. What!!!!! Wetin Ossy dey do???? D guy no just try at all. After what he had done. Haba!!! Which kind person be this, giving the broken hearted hope and breaking it again. He deserves to be hanged!!!!

  11. Oyin!!! Just give him a dirty slap and walk away. Rubbish. Abi he quickly went to marry when he was still attracted to you? Unless you want to become 2nd wife. Mtchewwwwwwww *rme*

  12. Ossy ke,wat is it about Ossy na,shebi e don marry Gloria,bt 2days episode 2 short abeg,lol..,chai,full of suspense and suprises

  13. Ahan!!!!! Ossy?!!!! But y?? Dis dude shud berra free Oyin jawe. He shud stick to his wifey o….. Tunde, enof with dis suspense naaa

  14. Shuuu! Nawa ooo! ȋ̝̊̅ڪ. It just m̶̲̅ε̲̣ or r Τ̲̅ђe articles gettin shorter ni? Anyway, whc kin Ossy b dis sef. Afta Τ̲̅ђe whole weddin drama, ƞσω dis. He probably did Τ̲̅ђe weddin thingie out of spite. I dnt trust him ooooo, I dnt evn like him sef. N he’s married, wetin he still ‎​D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲γ̲ find. Oyin, just tell him 2 talk 2 Τ̲̅ђe hand joooo

  15. Ossy?????I knew that guy shouldn’t have married Gloria on the rebound! W-H-A-T??????? TL, ds week is rather short o. Can’t wait to read next episode!

  16. Good for gloria.hw is she gonna cope knowing her hubby does nt lov her.hmmmmm.nt all dat glitters is

  17. Y oh y this torture??????This episode is awfully short! Ossy just happened to be in the same spot with Oyin am sure, he possibly cant be Chris.

    • No he is not chris, neither did he just happen to be there. Chris, the lady, arranged for him to have access to that posh diner so he could meet with Oyin there..

  18. Am I disappointed?!!! Arrrgggghhhh!!! Not again!!! Not Ossssssyyyyyyyyy!!! He just keeps cutting across as a midget to me n I can’t shake d image off! Ayam angry jooor! Ossy shd leave her alone alrdy! Won beso Lu Morin ni????

  19. LMAO!!!!!!!! Tunde oh! Kai! At first, i was like “i knew it, a girl” and now i’m like “TF???????… OSSY???” (-__-) Eez noh funny!

  20. God. This is probably one of the worst episodes in this series. The reveal was so underwhelming. Ossy, again? It’s like watching another Final Destination sequel: new setting, same shit. Move on, writer. Get something else.

    Plus, “ask after” and “ask for” are both correct. To “ask after” someone is to ask for information about someone, like about their health. To “ask for” someone is to say that you would like to see or speak to that someone.

    So actually, in this instance, since Oyin was going to meet with Chris, she should have “asked for” Chris at the reception, not “asked after” him.

    [Source: Cambridge Dictionary]

    • I feel the venom in ur voice wit the ‘ask after’ and ‘ask for’ phrases. Let’s just take a chill pill n hope sometthing wit a twist wil come out next week. Make we see wetin ossy dey find na!

      • Lol everytime I comment on this series, drama ensues. There’s no venom in my voice. I was just making a comment directed at Oyin’s “notice he said ask after not ask for. He knows english” line.

        And yeah, that Ossy has resurfaced again as a potential love interest, seriously, it’s kinda old, man. I was actually looking forward to another character introduction. Anyways, we’ll see what happens next week

    • Mr. Akin, no comment for your nonsense. Wait for Walvia to come and get you. Oniranu, don’t come and spoil blog for us jor

      • Hahahahaha! Bbz, u read my mind! Actually miss walvia o! A long ‘episode in this episode’ would have ensued had she replied him.
        As regards his comment, lala i think u r just judging him cos u remember his earlier inappropriate comments, his comment here (ask after) is not out of line, it’s just delivered rudely.
        @akin, u would actually need to learn how to pass your ideas and comments in more socially acceptable ways bearing in mind that the individual u r addressing is not a machine devoid of emotions but some1 who has put in time to get work done. I support constructive criticism and it should always be welcome, but deliver it in a polite manner.

      • Nothing wrong with dishing out constructive criticism. I didn’t say the entire series is rubbish. I said this is one of the worst episodes. Take it easy, man. It happens to even the best tv shows. At some point in time, an episode comes around that just underwhelms

    • @Akin….ur xplanation with regards to the correctness of the statement is apt…. But to wanna reduce dis whole series to a less ingenious effort is wrong and can’t be seen as constructive criticism…u v enjoyed al d twists, suspense and storyline to v come dis far….abeg just leave TL make hin dey do hin thing o……u wld only be seen as adding value to him, if you criticize him constructively o….*salute*

      • What isn’t constructive about what I said? Ossy is back. Again. After how many episodes dedicated to him. It’s becoming too predictable, man. Like 80% of readers said it would be Ossy, and -surprise – it was. It’s never a good sign when readers start seeing the twists before they happen, which is what I said. Why is everyone getting their panties in a twist just because I dished out criticism??? Jeez

      • I actually agree with Akin..he might sound spiteful and bitter but he does have a point.
        Normally, I’d run here every Monday morning to read this blog but I’ve kindda gotten bored of it because the plot is getting rather monotonous.
        I’d advise the writer to introduce new characters and put a new zing in Oyin Clegg’s persona…the same type of zing that attracted people here in the first place.

      • Akin, a few things. Every series has main characters and charaters for specific story arcs. It seems Ossy is one of the main characters, as has been Gloria, Toke and Oyin herself. If you criticize the writer in just a few lines, and respond so vehemently to critiques of your critique, I begin to wonder if you are not someone who has hoped to write something like this but hasn’t been able to and now look for places like this to express an overbloated opinion of your insightfulness.
        In every series, twists happen and sometimes they go according to fan reaction. It’s standard practice not to surprise your viewers/readers everytime, so they take more ownership. Most of the other comments save yours and Walvia (u guys seem to have kissed and made up) point to the fact that most of the readers think otherwise.
        Finally, learn etiquette. You don’t start critiques with exclamations like “God. this is one of the worst”, that goes beyond critique to condescending venom. I’m sure you can find the meaning of etiquette in that dictionary of yours

      • Ha! I wd have been alarmed that an Akin thread ended that abruptly! So u guys continued…….ok o

      • Lol Walvia just ripped me cleverly
        @Nerd: please, dude, enough with the etiquette talk. So, because I started my comment with “Oh God, this has got to be the worst” therefore I should be dismissed as a hater who tried to write and can’t write??? Are you kidding me? There are professional Critics who have written far worse about better written books. If you can’t deal with it, then allow it, bruv.

        Fact of the matter is: every story should move on. Period. No go round in circles, or it’s going to get boring easily.

        We started with Oyin and Ossy, and how Ossy always spent big money on her. Then Oyin met her long ago ex, who played her (sweet revenge style). Then Oyin went back to Ossy. Ossy helped her leave the country. Oyin met that gay bloke (I really can’t remember his name), but she didn’t know he was gay. Everything was sweet and fab for a while. Then she caught the dude shagging Adamu, his best mate. Ossy moved on with Gloria. Oyin had an ultimatum – marry gay guy and get all the money, or leave. She chose to marry him. Ossy and Gloria interrupted the wedding with their big reveal: “That nigga’s gay!!!” All hell broke loose. Oyin melted into the ground. Gay bloke didn’t give a shit. Oyin recovered with the help of her friends and family. She returned to work. She started getting fragments of a poem (which was very cleverly done, if you ask me). The whole Chris part too, that was nice. And then – boom – Ossy…. AGAIN!

        See what I mean? The story just went 180. Back to square one. Back to Ossy. So let me guess – Ossy broke up with Gloria. She was never the one. Blah blah blah. He never stopped loving Oyin. Blah blah blah. Then Oyin starts considering it. Maybe I should just go with Ossy (won’t be the first time she’s taken a controversial path – like marrying a gay bloke). Then drama ensues between Gloria and Oyin, and probably Toke too. More drama. Oyin realises she can’t be with Ossy.

        Basically, you see where I’m going with this.

        Or – a better twist would be – in the next episode Ossy isn’t the dude sending all dem ish. He didn’t write the poem. He didnt send the dress. He’s just there as a sort of middleman – a match maker. And he’s doing it because he actually cares about Oyin and feels bad with the way he ruined her wedding and never got to tell her that her fiance was gay before things went too far. A much better direction, this would be. But, I’m not the writer. And, as you – Mr Nerd – said, I’m a failed writer who is jealous of eeeeeeeeeeveryone. Lol Till next episode, dude!

      • Ur lack of objectivity made you get it twisted. Ossy came in the episode AFTER Femi Tosh, and not before. And there are always recurring characters in series, the story does not need to move at your whim.

        Professional critics make their names as professionals first, before becoming critics. I don’t see your name made anywhere sir, so except you can put up something you’ve written asides your epistolic comments, then critique with respect.

        And how do you know he isn’t a matchmaker, oh great seer of the future Akin?

        Anyways, we enjoy the blog, we love the story, so critique all you want en?

        See you stylishly waiting for the next episode, forming critic. Abeg, admit you are hooked like the rest of us

        —– Now sipping zobo :p

    • @Nerd: Very well said!
      @ Akin: For someone who is very quick to criticize, Ɣõu don’t seem to take criticisms well. Ɣõu get very defensive and unwilling to see the other person’s point. I actually think Ɣõu make those scathing remarks more to get attention than to improve the blog.

      • Interesting twist on things.
        I think that both Akin and The Nerd are right…depending on the angle you look at it from. The Nerd opines that the writer should continue in his style and plot, after all, he knows his audience and his writing is directly or indirectly related to their reaction to each blog post. Fair enough. This might be satisfactory to the average reader but to the other section of “non-average” readers, it becomes boring. This is where Akin comes in. He got bored and said something about it. Please lets not get personal…this is only a fictional blog, after all.

      • @ nerd as if u r reading my mind.
        @akin u don’t just criticise an unfinished work.u r just hopin d story turns out d way u want it in ur mind, abeg give TL sum credits 4 puttin dis piece many of us had ideas like dis but cldnt cum up wit ow to get it across readers like u, so 4 some1 like me I will salute TL.

  21. Have been ff dis story all d way frm jand, and u hv no idea hw dis suspense kills me and my friends. Pls make it 2 stories a week. I cnt wait till nxt monday. One of us may die frm suspense. And Ossy sef! Men!!! Smh

  22. Ossy ke? But why? What is the guy looking for again? I thought he was happy in his marriage. Oyin should resist that guy and flee o, else she will be breaking the ‘girl code’.
    Well i guess i will have to wait till next week to know what she will do. But this suspense is too much o.

  23. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… this is not fair na ……….ossy leave this girl na kai oyin pele ……………..

  24. Me i sha know the HAWT guys in ICE CREAM Factory!!! And i go there cos of em 1ce ayl…… OSSY! OSSY!! OSSY!!! How many times i call u? Liff Oyin Clegg alone! Oyin its high time you leave Naija go marry obodo oyinbo

  25. i knew dat guy is upto smthing, he just cant let go of oyin. buh i give it to him, he sure do know exactly wat to make a woman desperate to meet him.

  26. He’s tryn to prove to her dat she’s still a materialistic mumu & hasn’t changed one bit. Msheew stupid girl.

  27. Tunde ooooooo, y do u like increasing my BP every monday ba? Its nt fair ooooo, post 2ce a wk naa. Ds 1 is too short.

  28. Whatttttttttttttttttttttt!ossy keee?well  guessd as muc…….he is jst a fool…oyin shud sha maintain herr champion º°˚˚°ºoo……oyin rmb he is now married º°˚˚°ºoo ……. tink dis episode is short º°˚˚°ºoo Mr tunde wot happen?

  29. This is crazzzyyyy! i sensed this, tunde bet y??? Ossy is married or isn’t he?? Another round of suspense. Loving it more

  30. please u guys should leave my ossy oo… i love the guy hes just too romantic……pls God should bring that kind of boo 4me ooooooooooo……….Oyin enjoy the treat but chaiiii dont date him ooo.. hes married….. Tunde lets get more episodes nauu

  31. Hahahahahah!!! For a moment, I thought oyin’s admirer was a girl. But Ossy!!!! This is sooooooooo crazy. The young man should face his family and leave my dear Oyin
    alone. Ahn ahn

  32. This week’s episode is so short stop d suspense jo wow! Ossy!!! Ts just amazing ! All I can do is WOW!! To tink I tot her admirer was goinna be a lesbian! Omg!

  33. ThiS is nt fair @ all TL u cnt stop here nw. Pls mAke it 2ce a wk……. Haba!!!! As 4 ossy!!! Hmmm…. I no Fit shout. Oyin had better tell Toke. Dis part also.

  34. OSsy don craze finish,leave oyin alone na.of course he did nt love gloria he only married her so he cld keep an eye on oyin.kant wait 4 nxt week.

  35. Mtcew, dis is really getting on my nerves am not feeling d vibe of dis story again jor, it seems we re going in circles. Mr Tunde, are u not getting ur inspiration again? Cos dis episode is jxt too dry for my liking.

  36. Was hoping it’d b dat kalu guy frm d beginning that matched her on every level! Then again I like the sound of a spin where ossy wasn’t really married! But oyin was @ d weddin na! That where she got proposed to remember???
    Chai its a very complicated something! Tl we want more jor!!!

  37. Was hoping it’d b dat kalu guy frm d beginning that matched her on every level! Then again I like the sound of a spin where ossy wasn’t really married! But oyin was @ d weddin na! That’s where she got proposed to remember???
    Chai its a very complicated something! Tl we want more jor!!!

  38. I knew it ws goin to be ossy. This guy is married so I wonda wt he is lookin for. Wt does he av 2 say to her nw

  39. *very long*MsheEeeeeeeeeeeew! I had a very strong feeling it could av been Ossy frm last wk! seriously I hope Toke’s gist isn’t related to Ossy n Gloria..hmm Oyin has seen things! Chai! I wud b sooo dumb founded.Y Ossy?

  40. Shey me I knew it was Ossy.just figured no woman cud have more thhhan oneee erson dat loved her crazily.mschew,I smell wahala.gehnghen

  41. Shikessssss!! Somehow I knew this was going to have a funny feel to it. Wetin ossy dey find again?? Now I have something to look unto for monday.

  42. I can see you have got your audience glued, and the suspence is killing. anyways, good story. looking forwad to the next one. but phuleeaase, let Oyin have a happy ending, i cant bear to even think of any other ending with all these suffering she is been through……

  43. What’s wrong with this Ossy guy? He shd leave her alone now. Shebi, he has gotten married. Tunde, y do i av to wait till next week again now. Haba!

  44. i knew it was gonna be Ossy cos he has been Mr. Romantic n he knows exactly wat Oyin luvs. Oyin! am sorry 4 u cos Gloria will beat tomorrow out of u if she finds out.

  45. Bt ossy is a goat sha,does he want to kill oyin? Sabotaged her marriage and now he’s hauting her again,pls God I dnt want that kind of man in my life and Tunde,This is not fair,u dnt treat pple like this,we have to wait another week to know what happens????

  46. Wot kinda suspense is dis?! Arrrrrggghh!!! I need d concluding part. Nice 1 tho. Buh I kinda guessed it was Ossy….. Dunno,it was jst α feeling… I smell smfn buh keepin’ ma fingers crossed…

  47. I knew it ws goin to b ossy. He shld free oyin abeg at least he is married cos I dnt no wt he can possibly say to her

  48. Has anyone else noticed how desperate Ossy is?? Hez beginning to irk me! Wth! Nigga u is MARRIED!! GTFOH! Was xpectin sum fresh blood!

    • I’m sure. He’s just trying to cheer her up,cos I don’t want to believe he’s that foolish…..poor Oyin,raaised her hopes

  49. Me i though the lady was actually gonna be a PA for one majorrrrr big man she was going to introduce to us, to get it to a whole new level. Som1 who wud mk Yomi look like a small boy, lik a Nigerian James Bond or Tony Stark(from Ironman/Avengers) or sumfin.

  50. Bet y na? Ossy yaff mawee na! Don’t come n block road for oyin abegi! Take ur maweed ass back home! Well I hope its just an ‘I’m sorwie’ dinner…bet ossy sha carry A1 for wooing a chiq! Btw ope nothing has happened to gloria..this one dah toke has bad news hmmm…till next week ooooooo!!! (˘̯˘ )

  51. Ossy ooooo, men the guy can know how to woo sha. Worris all this. It’s all these types of men that will do anything before they get the babe, but once they get her, the wooing is over. I have a feeling he’s fixed on Oyin cos she’s not attainable ni jor.

  52. Wat d hell??? Ossy again??? Dis guy sha wants 2 wreck oyin’s life! Biko! Please free d babe! Wat does he want from her? Is he not married 2 her friend ni? Shio! Nonsense sumborri! Hiss!

  53. Ok, ossy is beginning to annoy me!!!! *leave oyin alone naa* *screaming*….uve done enough harm alreadi!!! She no do means say she no do! Hian!

    • It seems m d only one dat thnks Ossy just happened to be dere @ dat time…wat re d odds dat he myte be havin a special dinner with gloria. in dat same restaurant oR is it ****wishful thnkng***** m seriously tryin to get in ur head tunde……wat the “F” re u up to??? ****Mischievious Smile***

  54. Oh my gudnes! Atleast am glad it wasn’t a lady. Bt come oh Ossy is married na…fings never gets dull ere sha o. Counting down to next week!

  55. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. the mystery unfolds…..Ossy, mind yaself o!!! the one you did before, we have not recovered, u want to cause round 2…….ok o

  56. He better be there for something else! Olodo! Anyways I’m not scared,I know oyin won’t mess up..she no friend am b4,na now she go gree?

  57. So many possibilities but I just hope Ossy is trying a peace-offering stunts and that he’s sha trying to hook Oyin up with some hot dude o… Cos #wordsfailme at this point.

  58. I knew twas ossy, mehn d guy has got swag. Pls don’t blame ossy, oyin frustrated him to marry gloria wen she hooked up wiv d gay guy. Its nt easy to love n nt be loved back in return. Am so anxious for next week’s episode.

  59. O my!!! i was so hoping last week that the admirer wasn’t a girl last week! you almost had me there, that wouldn’t have been cool at all. phew!! also tot it cld be ossy, i kinda like the guy sha despite all, he has been there for her through a lot of her crap. but the guy is married na!!!! hnmm, abeg o !! so waiting for next week!!!!!eem TL cant monday come earlier ????

  60. Ossy ke? I didn’t see that coming! I feel it’s just wrong to mess with people like this! He had better have a solid excusable explanation for all these stunts! *side-eyes*

  61. *long hisssss!* mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmssssssssssssssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..Ossey abeg park well jor!…rubbish!..this story is beginin to vex me!…

  62. Don’t be surprise, might just be a plan work between Ossy and Oyin’s hubby because they know eachother,if not why didn’t Ossy tell her that the guy was gay and that they knew each other back in the days! Nice one Tunde just that the suspsense is too much!!!

  63. Noooooooo Tunde! Ɣ☺ΰ didn’t just do that. So we have to wait till next week again? Phew! This is getting more intense! But what on earth could ossy be up to abeg?!

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