Meet Oyin Clegg

Over the last three months, every monday, you have enjoyed the unfolding story of Oyin Clegg, and the question has raged, fact or fiction? Many have wondered why the images are animations.

Today is my birthday, and I decided to post a special birthday episode of Finding Hubby and finally put a real picture of me here.

My name is Tunde Leye, I’m a writer and I’m male (yes *smiles*). I’m currently working on finishing my first complete novel called Golden Sands, and y’all will be the first to know. Until then, keep enjoying the (hopefully) thrilling Finding Hubby every Monday.

You can follow me on twitter @tundeleye to get live updates on Finding Hubby and Golden Sands. And hope you’ll be at the launch of Golden Sands.

And, let’s trend #OyinClegg on twitter , okay.



177 thoughts on “Meet Oyin Clegg

  1. Happy birthday Tunde…. Ur cute!!! But I suspect ur gay!!! How can a guy come up with this ‘Oyin Clegg’ story???

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  3. Happy birthday!!!!! enjoy ur day soo where is the special post …………….@ not telling … haba !!! this is what you call creative writing not every one is Gay because they know how to write about women… Tunde weldone dear

  4. You are a guy??? Huh? You could have fooled me. I also have my suspicions like NotTelling.

    Lol. *Kidding*

    I guess that’s what makes a good writer. Being able to relate with a story.

    Happy Birthday and have a Blast.

  5. Happy birthday Mr Oyin :p may God bless you with many more fabulous years!!have a great day

    I have followed finding hubby from episode 1 WONDERFUL story brother,your ink no go dry oo!
    I’m going to follow you on twitter as well!okay

  6. Happy b/day Tunde. Wish u LLnP. You are rily good @ dis. I hv enjoyed each episode weekly & even shared it with my siblings. Keep it up.

    **on a lighter note, I think u are much better @ writing than singing. #justmythots

  7. Happy birthday Tunde. Am really surprised that u re a male. Wow. Such a good writer. Looking forward to ur book. Have a fun filled day.

  8. never would i have imagine dat my oyin clegg is a guy. Happy birthday Tunde, wish u d very best in life. LLnP. continue with d gd work. oops, did i forgot to tell u dat u are very cute. *wink*.

  9. Wow!!!!! Happy birthday Leye. You are such a fantastic writer! and by the way..we are birthday mates!!! *dancing etighi*

  10. Happy birthday tunde… I kinda suspect we had sumthin in common-same birthday *smile* buh then I didn’t expect u to be a man.. Keep up the good work.

  11. Happy Birthday Tunde,Ive reallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy enjoyed ur stories so much so that i finished all the episodes during my lunch break…

    Looking forward to Golden Sands.

    Keep it up

  12. Wow!!! Ur a GUY!!! I can’t believe this. And a cute guy too! Wow!!! And you wrote all that??? You are sooooo good, I want to be like you when I grow up.

    Happy Birthday Tunde, thanks for making my mondays for the past 3months bearable.

  13. What!!! Oyin Clegg is a guy… more dan shocked! Good writeup Tunde! Ow do i get invite 2 d launch of your book. My colleague is crazily inlove with u alredi, r u married?#biggrin#…lol, wow!!! Im sooo impressed!!!

  14. To leye aka oyin clegg my monday monday tonic! This is u just fuliling destiny n making people like me very happy. I like that u r this open minded n explore every part of our social life both the accepted n unaccepted.
    Happy Birthday man!! Enjoy ur day n rock on. God bless

  15. I can wound u oooooooooo!!! I alwz av my mouth opened (hoping spit won’t fall out) But trully I ‎​luv this story…..nice really nice.

  16. Happy Birthday to you Babatunde Ajileye, May you be fulfiled in life. May you not live your life with regret like Oyin. As we are always happy reading your story, I pray that your source of joy and happiness shall not dry. you are the best

  17. Mennnn, HBD tunde, dis is really creative writing, I was following u weekly just like tinsel and Super story, welldone

  18. Very well done..Tunde..I have thoroughly enjoyed reading ur weekly posts..and look frwd to them weekly..great imagination..u had a way of keeping us coming back.keep it up..and have a great birthday..:)
    Cheers .

  19. HBD TL…kip up d gyd wrk..I’m nt surprised u re a guy..most gud writers re guys…we re namesake..takia man

  20. Happy Birthday Tunde (Oyin) I’ve really enjoyed reading your piece . Pls keep at it!! Kudos to you. FYI ur Damn cute ! *wink*wink*

  21. I totally love ur work, pls kip it up. Its so suprising 2 knw oyin is actually male! Thumbs up bro!!! Happy birthday 2 u, wish you all d best.

  22. We Should be trending already. Please lets all get on Twitter, this is worthy of celebration. Happ Birthda Mr. Oyin Clegg, thank for such a wonderful read, i never still believe sha.

  23. HBD Tunde. Interesting story, although I expected to see a photo of Oyin Clegg Herself lol, not Oyin Clegg “HIMSELF”. keep the gud work going bro. Have fun.

  24. So nice of ossy and Gloria but seriously tunde you too much sha. Happy birthday i’m certain golden showers will be a success. Can’t wait for Monday. Please also post the pictures of my own slice of cake.

  25. But Mr. Tunde no scare me again oh abi u no know say I dey prepare for exam. As I see the post and after I don read an half way I shock think say Monday don reach already? But you have my permission tomorrow can be ur bday again. Hehe

  26. O my… Wen i saw my name is Tunde, i went numb den… What da heck???!!!!! He’s a guy!!!! Cudous to you… Love ur write ups
    P.S: pls let Oyin have a *Ǧ☺☺ϑ* ending na… (Selfish reason cos i am an Oyin too….)

    N happy birthday!!!! Av a blast

  27. Wot?! A guy?! Ɣõu could have fooled me! Awwww…I sorta preferred d mystery n indecision of not knowing whether its fact or fiction. Anyways… *shrugs*

    Three happy cheers to a great writer! Hip! Hip!! Hip!!! Hurrrrrrrrraaaaayyyy!

  28. HBD Tunde Leye, U̶̲̥̅̊ really dazed me………  pray GOd will continue †̥ give U̶̲̥̅̊ inspiration. MHRs, LLNP + GGMUB……..Hope U̶̲̥̅̊ had fun

  29. Am soo burnt, prefer d mystery,not knowing if it was fiction or not……I admit(grudgingly) U a good writer. happy bday sha.

  30. Happy birthday tunde leye! This is creativity at its best. Keep up d good work,may God continue 2 enrich u with wisdom

  31. Happy bday Tunde… I’m most confess u r cute bt totally shocked to know u r a guy. U know d female world too much judging from dis Oyin Clegg’s story. I wish u d very best

  32. Happy Birthday “Oyin Clegg” smiles “Mr Tunde, more grease to your elbow & may continually give you inspiration to do your job. I must say I was wowed by your pieces, you are such a prolific writer & I’m impressed. The story was just so captivating and I always wanted to read τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ next episode. Τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ story felt so real that I always had a visual image of τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ story. All τ̲̅ђε̲̣̣̣̥ best in all your endeavours & God bless you abundantly

  33. This guy is wonderful…….Asin, A banker. singer, writer……….hmmm wetin come remain fine boy, OK tunde holla back for the book lunch #GenralObadz#

  34. Happy birthday Tunde! Even though this is coming late(I actually rushed to read d sequel yesterday and forgot to say happy baiday! X_X ). May your muse be continually replenished! And may your ink never dry!
    Ok, for those that are surprised he is male, what happened to the curiosity in our generation? Tell me I’m not the only one that actually researched him after the first read? Info about him is available all over the net! Besides its very obvious that when creating fiction that’s this implicating, u have to make all effort, if u care that is, to make sure your readers don’t ascribe attributes of the lead character to u, hence it was only wise that as a guy, he wd chronicle the escapades of Oyin, a lady.

  35. Hapi bday Mr tunde, u r reali creative, kip up d good wrk…ill b prt of d pple to buy ur golden sands book….I hp its as interestin as dis 1, do consider makin a tv series of dis sef, it’ll b crazy

  36. Wow!!!!! Ħƌƥƥƴ bir†Ђd̶̲̥̅̊αƔ Tunde! U r cute….n also a fantatic writer. Thumbs up! U got ♏e̶̲̥̅ really addicted!!!!! 😉

  37. Happy Birthday cutie…………….just in case u want to put any of this write ups in series or soap opera.! Wont mind playing a role *wink*

    Meanwhile wre d parry @.?

  38. Happy bday Tunde,cute and intelligent,was surprised u were a guy,cos I always thot only a lady cud realli explain it d way we realli feel,kudos to u
    Already followin u on twitter,
    Plsssssssss don’t tell me dats d end of finding hubby ooo,I need to hv sumtin to look forward to on mondays

  39. I swear I knew u were a guy!! But then am like what guy knows the brain, world and mindset of a babe this much , wooow!! Thumbs up man! Really lookin forward to Golden Sands, I miss reading them naija novels, pacesetters and co, and this blog just sparked up my hunger for more of your write ups! U r tha bomb diggity! Did I forget to start with OMG u r supercute!! *bbm embarassed emoticon*
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY my latest crush *wink*

  40. OMG!!! Who would have thought you were a guy. well that’s d talent of bin a writer. Nice job. But if you ask me, I would lobe for finding hubby to bcom a Nigerian drama. The ratings would b off the chain.

  41. To yet another Nigeria’s emerging prolific, Nobel laurel winner-in-the-making, young and dynamic writer, I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY in arrears. I feel proud identifying with you and look forward with great enthusiasm towards the launch of your books.

  42. Dis Story is just a woooooowwww!happy birthday Tunde,God’s guidiance nd Protection be upon u..Amen!Ur da bomb!!

  43. Happy birthday in arrears! My phone has been acting up so I just got the chance to read this episodem guess they’ve said it all, our Miss Oyin turns out to be a Mr Tunde. Anyway finding hubby has thought us that everything is not always what they seem. Hope to read more of ur works.
    PS: I think I’ve seen u on twitter b4 but not sure I’m a follower. Anyways, good work.

  44. Well done!!!!
    “Golden Sands”…..that’s the name of the hotel I stay at when I’m in Dubai.
    It’s in Bur-Dubai.
    Is that where you got the name? Winkss.

    • Fank u 4 lettin us know wer u stay in Dubai, we ll make a point of visitin u wheneva we r in Dubai *rme* and Yea, daz wer he got d name. Cuz evry writer get dia book title frm Dubai. Duhhh.

  45. Every monday I read tls place b4 getting out of bed,shared d blog wit frnds nd foes.u are such an amazing writer.the sky is ur starting point,keep it up bro.happy birthday av a blast.wld love 2 be @ the book launch of Golden Sands.

  46. Wow!!! Nice one Tunde, I argued with my sis that you are a guy and the story isn’t true. Thanks for confirming it. I really love your articles. Happy birthday and God bless you.

  47. Happy birthday Tunde! All the way out here in here in US, my friend and I have become junkies for your Monday doses of Oyin’s drama. Keep doing what you are doing cos it’s wonderful! God bless!
    Btw… I am so surprised ur fans chose to ignore the lil gay twist in the story but I guess we are all too hooked to care. On my end? Duely noted and giving me the lil question mark in my head. So sorry but I can’t help it!!
    Pls keep it coming!!!

  48. you are such a genius Tunde. It’s a great talent you’ve got being able to travel effortlessly into a woman’s world. Kudos to you bro!!!

  49. Huh? Like serzly?! Omg! *surprised look#. Wow, never thot 4 a second dat u wud b a man I mean, a guy… Mehhn all dsame, Happy birthday 2 U! Wishn u all d best lyf has 2 offer n may doze around u celebrate everyday cos of ur achievments.

  50. Hey.
    Seriously? U are a guy? Cute. But am impressed with ur imaginations..reminds me of my days reading ‘HINTS’ magazine.
    Let’s know when ur book is out.
    Remain blessed.

  51. Why can’t a guy come up with something as brilliant as what Tunde has written. For you to think he is gay is going into his personal life. He might just have a natural talent and a craving for stories like this. I have enjoyed every bit of his stories and I llok forward to reading his blog every monday. Happy belated birthday Tunde. If we were abroad a question of him been gay or not would arise as long as he is good at what he does. Congratulations tunde I can already see you winning awards 🙂

  52. I have been α faithful reader Of this blog even though i have chosen not 2 post any comment. I have also known from the first day that it’s all fiction but i still read it like it’s real because its α powerful piece. Keep up the gud work. The Lord will continue to strengthen you. I’ve read today’s post since morning but i have been to busy to post α birthday message even though your picture has adorned M̶̲̥̅γ̲̣̣̥ bbm page since morning. Happy birthday to you. You will not fail, you will not fall, you will not falter and you will not make irreversible mistakes. Tunde, this next one year will be the best you have ever lived and everything that you have pursued over the years without meeting will pursue,locate and dwell with you. Happy birthday to you. Where’s the party venue?Please i’♍ sorry it’s coming late and please i would appreciate this message being published as anonymous

  53. Tunde, u r simply excellent! Dis Oyin Clegg biz has been one reason to look forward to mondays. Thanks.
    More creative juices to ur mind. Welldone!
    Have a super-duper birthday!

    P.s: don’t mind dem o: gay koo, gay ni…ish!

  54. Thank God its not true, I love reading fiction, so pls invite me when u want 2 launch the book. Happy birthday to do.

  55. He doesn’t have to be gay to write so well. Otherwise we should as well say that Ann Rice must be a vanpire to be able to write about it so well. And please dont call me gay cos i hate them so much

  56. You are such a great writter. My o my, couldn’t get my eyes off oyin’s story. Can I make it a tv script?

  57. Happy Birthday τδ u̶̲̥̅̊
    ! But guy u̶̲̥̅̊
    fall hand by revealing U̶̲̥̅̊я tru identity.. Βυτ nothing spoil, keep it up.

  58. Guy, U r too much. U just rekindled d reading fire in me, will like 2 have more of ur books…….I just love this book, epistle or whatever-finding hubby. More ink to your pen bro

  59. TundeLeye,ur a good writer….i got all my friends transfixed on Oyinclegg. Dat ur a dude even makes it impresive…keep it up. Am sure ur book wld be awesomee!

  60. People people people… don’t be mean, the fact that he’s a man writing this kind of story does not mean that he’s gay… it simply means he’s a very good writer. Gender does not matter, if he can whip up a good story, he can proudly take credit for it, no matter his gender… DON”T BE SO NEGATIVE… Good job Tunde, you have great years ahead of you 🙂

  61. Happy birthday in arrears Tunde,good to c d face behind dis hilariously descriptive stories. Kip it up.
    p s:I don’t think u r gay,pls don’t be gay.

  62. Fabulous writing. Been on my bb all night reading from episode 1. Will be looking forward to your book.
    All the best

    Damn u r fine. (*grinning*)
    You look yummy

  63. Finding hubby is an amazing read! Lolz my friend forwarded me this link just yesterday and I’m already hook. Knowing that the author is male is even more fascinating .I can finally look forward to mondays. Thank you Mr.Leye for entertaining us women! Cheerz

  64. Your sisters or cousins- or whoever let you into the female world- need to be seriously yabbed. How can too know how the head of the average lady works? Lol.
    You’re good…very good.

  65. What?! OMG(OH MI GAWD) you just broke ♍Y̲̣̣̣̥ heart Tunde ,how can Oyin not exist..she made me really hopefull *kicking,biting,shoving you*..Well I’ld await ur book bebe

  66. Ds was a make beliff story, real nd … Tunde, Thumbs up, dat ws a gud write up, ain’t a novel fricck bt persnally await ya book. Do well 2 beep me wen it arrives

  67. Wow! Good work! I like ur creativity. I’m impressed too. This is really gud. Pls keep up the gud work. Happy birThday in arrears. But u shouldn’t have told us dat u are a guy jo. #smh#

  68. wtf!!!! uve just killed the fun BIG TIME!!!
    I was feeling the Lagos babe time!
    Not fair…

    But guy! u have to be gay. walahi.
    its either that or this gist is true but u just wan cover up

  69. My gf made me read dis fin, I got Jealous when she said Tunde LEYE(leye being her EX) anyways I dnt read non-serious stuvs, buh WOooow.


    I fink dere is an episode b4 dis dt wasn’t publishd, whr the real Oyin clegg was tired of life/ or wanted Yomi by all means, so she went for ‘surgery’ and decided to come up with a new identity- TUNDE LEYE. So technically he/she aint gay *wink

  70. Thumbs up!! U r such a creative writer! Though I must confess dat d spark for Oyin Clegg’s story kinda died d moment I found out u were actuali a GUY!!!! Bt I salute ur writing prowess !

  71. just tarted reading this morning, my friend sent me d link yesterday night…absolutely wonderful, u r extremely creative nd talented

  72. Your story has lost its intrigue now you’v revealed your true identity. You just sucked the life out of a very interesting piece by talkin about yourself in the middle of it. U no try at all….mscheeeew

  73. Wow xo much in love with dis,could not wait to get to the end……..Just too interesting…… likey & need to get to the end

  74. Wow, am so thrilled n beyond inspired.
    Heard about d site today,started reading n I am captivatived, love ur imaginative skill,keeping me in suspense n eager to read d next episode.
    OMG,even abandon a sheldon novel to read dis, U r a talented writer, pls keep it. Can’t wait to get d full story!!!!!
    Love ya.

  75. Seriously I tot u are a lady not knowing u are such a handsome guy,happy birthday to u and av fun.ur story was quiet interesting and I suspect u are a gay cos aw do u com about oyin clegg.

  76. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!! Love your story and hope for more!!!!! It takes someone with wide imagination to write it!!!!! U should have kept your identity and left US guessing about the authenticity of the characterS!!!!!!!anyways am in LOVE with Finding hubby!!!!!!!! Have a splendid day!!!!! God bless!!!!!!

  77. HBD Tunde Leye,wishing u many more good and marvelous years, stories and awards to come. May u be lifted beyond ur imaginations. Knowing now dat u r a guy tells me more dat u a good writer.
    Bobo too fine jooooooooooOooooooo

  78. Hmmmmm Oyin Clegg, a man! but seriously are you sure you re not guy???????????
    but really nice work,keep it up and lets know when u would be launching your book.

  79. I don’t feel like reading ds blog again cos u av spoilt it for me! #sobs# u shdnt av disclosed ur identity joor! Nice work though! CHEERS!

  80. Tundeeeee! O o ni pa wa! Wo o, am following u on twitter raightaway. U dis madt boy, u kept me away from my work for one hour. U will pay o!

  81. Habbaaaa!!! Guys can’t u just appreciate the piece of good work without bringing up what his sexual orientation might or might not be……Bad belle people! Una wey be str8 wetin una don write…kmt!!!!!

  82. Wow, that was some well written episodes, and I was even more suprised to find that you are a guy. It’s gud to read something on the romantic side (other might say other wise) from a male point of view, it’s very rational and realistic.

  83. I so love this story didnt want to end,im so addicted to reading ur stories nice one Tunde (u write very imaginative stories too well for a male writer shaa)

  84. Pschew, ran out of battery power. BUT you know, this story is like fact meets fiction. Its what’s actually happening!!!

  85. OMG!!! so its been a guy all these while. Wow, u re such a good writer. Am a student of the university of Ghana and I luv reading, I’m also trying to put something up (title witheld sha). Meeting u won’t be a bad idea so you can give me some tips. Wow am impressed.

  86. OMG! I cnt believe a guy wrote dis… Dis is mind blowing.” FINDING HUBBY” is a classic. I’m nt a fan of novels or anything dat hs to wit reading cos I cnt seat 4 long 2 read a long story bt 2 my surprise FINDING HUBBY captured my heart with its interesting nd captivating content. Please keep it up. I’m looking forward to more of this from you. God bless you beyond measures

  87. I dnt get dis guy? How do u knw exactly how girls talk, how we react to stuffs…eevery friggin’ thing….mehn!! I dey suspect u ooo…u shuldnt hav told us abeg!

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