Finding Hubby – Episode 12


The next day, I switched off all my phones and left home. My mum had called me at least 20times that morning to keep reminding me that I should not throw away this opportunity to settle down. I checked into a room in Penisula Resort, Ajah, away from everybody to think. I knew I had but a few hours to make the call to Yomi. I needed to be sure I said the right thing when I made it. I’ve seen all your comments and (strong) opinions. But trust me, when you are in the shoes, you’ll find it’s not that easy to do any of these things.

As I lay there, I began to imagine what he would be doing now. Probably curled up somewhere with Adamu, somewhere I should be. Lord! This was going to be all what my life would be if I married Yomi. Well, two can play the game. I decided to practice what my life would look like if I went ahead with the marriage.

I turned my private number on and dialed Kalu’s number from memory. The moment I turned it on, three text messages from mumsy came in. That woman can like to leave me alone now! After the second try, Kalu’s phone rang. The cow was so full of himself, the caller tune was one of those you recorded by yourself. Here’s what it went like “Welcome to Kalu’s Phone. Hang on to speak with the hottest and flyest of them all.” Arrrrrgh! I almost hung up, this guy was so childish at 38. Men, I thought I was through with the likes of him. Anyways, he picked up and spoke with a hint of surprise and amusement.

Kalu: The Lagos big girl calls lowly us. To remind us to attend her wedding abi?

Me: it’s because of this your goatiness that I could never be serious with you. Where are you sha?

Kalu: Where you left me noni. You? (He hadn’t lost his touch. He was already coding what I wanted)

Me: Somewhere in Ajah, personal getaway before the wedding. All alone (this felt real silly)

Kalu: Really? Call the boo to come around now (Kalu can like to make everything hard. If I could call the boo, shay I will be calling him abi?)

Me: You know it’s bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the wedding. So boo stays put. You won’t come and say hi to your friend before she finally becomes a Mrs. abi?

Kalu: Ping me the details, I’m coming.

I ended the call. It’s funny how you can say a lot, without actually saying the specifics. I had just booty-called (yes men get booty-called) Kalu without any mention of it. But unlike the old days when I would phone select with no qualms, there was a knot in my tummy. This just didn’t feel right. And this was what I was meant to do for the rest of my life. I do something silly that I should confess here. If you tell me now two people are dating, I unconsciously imagine them together in bed. If the picture in my head gels, then I immediately support the relationship. If e no gel, well, I believe the relationship will likewise not gel. Hence I can never do an aristo. The picture won’t just gel.  

I closed my eyes to imagine being with Kalu… bad picture. I turned my phone off again. Kalu wasn’t getting any pings from me.

I began to wander sort of aimlessly around the grounds. If someone was watching me, I probably looked like I was looking for some suicide spot. Eventually, I got to a stone bench beside a beautiful stone arch running over a small spring of water and I sat on it, eyes closed, lost in thought as I watched the water run over those smooth white pebbles at the bottom of the pool.

Reminiscent of when we met for the first time on the plane, it was the voice that drew me out of my reverie. I opened my eyes and sure enough, Yomi was seated on the stone bench right beside me. How he had found me, I couldn’t phantom. God, I loved him. Even knowing what I knew, with him seating just a few inches from me, I wanted to do nothing more than reach out and hold him in my arms.

This heart en, I will never understand how it works. My head was saying all the right things to make me loathe him, that he deceived me, that he could never love me cos I was a woman, that I could never be happy with him and that I should hate him with all my being. My mind even brought up the repulsive picture of him and Adamu replayed like some picture by MopeBob, vivid and clear. But in spite of all my head was saying, my heart was steadfastly, stupidly refusing to listen. The moment I saw him, I melted like butter, sigh! (I see you rolling your eyes now, just don’t let it fall out).

“Yomi, how did you find me?”

“You always come here to run away. It didn’t take long to figure out where you were when you were unreachable and not at home.”

I had totally forgotten that Yomi and I used this place for getaways. All he needed to do was make a phone call and he woulda found me. But I didn’t think he would be looking for me.

“So why did you find me? I thought I was going to call you later”.

He placed a hand on mine and looked me in the eye. My heart did a flip (this my gymnast of a heart en).

“Oyin, we both know that whatever decision you are going to make is already made. So rather than wait for a call, I came to get it first hand from you now”.

My palms became sweaty “Yomi, I, I, I,” I stammered.

He moved closer, “You haven’t made one yet? Then make one now”, he cut in.

What kind of tactic is this? I looked into his eyes squarely. I knew what I was going to do. I decided to marry Yomi.

164 thoughts on “Finding Hubby – Episode 12

  1. Ahhhhh….yes she would marry him. Just like I thought she would. She just has to redirect her mind, if not she would go crazy….
    Happy Married Life Oyin.

  2. Shiy!
    I guess he really knows u! Since he knew d decision wd have been made, he only came cos he knew u wd marry him. If dis isn’t madness, I don’t know what is!
    It wd really have been crazy if u slept with kalu @ a time like ds. I wd hv given up on u totally.
    I wish u well

  3. I should hold you on to 2 NEPA poles and use a wire to flog that ass of urss…are u crazy?? Nooooo u are crazy…all d best u beta move to antartica after the wedding

  4. Oyyyyiiiin,y nau.kai,I undastnd its nt easy on u but r u so blind 2see dt d guy is usn u&u wilfully decidd 2b used.*smh*

      • Grt blog tlsplace, ur headed 4 greatness…..A colleague of mine introduced me 2 ds and it hs bn my monday morning tonic ever snc. Grt flow et play wt wrds, d sequence is amazing, suspense is ok bt m beginning to predict ur storyline o……all in all grt one. I knw she wnt marry him snc d blog is ‘Finding hubby’ *winks….xcept ur abt to stp writing it. Lol

  5. End of story ke. The main course is about to be served. Thanks for leaving us dangling at the edge for another week, can’t wait to find out what the twist in the story will be next week.

  6. This lady has found a man that meets ALL her necessary criteria to the letter, just that one small flaw. To crown it all, she loves him( you have read that above) & she is getting old… Well, she made the right decision if you ask me.

    • Totally agree with. And let’s be honest from the writeups Yomi is not a bad guy at all and it seems to me he truly cares for her. Left to me I think it’s a perfect arrangement based on the things that make Oyin tick, they become better friends. I mean men are known to cheat, Yomi won’t just cheat on u with women but men instead. I think it’s a tiny cross to bare o.

      To all you all who thinks she’s nasty, craze and all, try to be going on 36 and single. Yes it’s not the end of the world but if she’s this close to marraige and turns back that’s what I consider CRAZY!

      Oyin, what u need to learn is how to enjoy ur life under this situation. God be with you.

      • Correction, Yomi was not a bad guy. Now, Yomi is a confirmed bad guy! And just so u know, he doesn’t care about her. This is a business transaction for him. He is only a good actor. He is ds average rich guy that can’t afford to lose his riches so wd do anything to keep his share, all he had to do was act the part of a guy in love

      • le thim care for her as a friend.. why bring marriage into this cobweb? lol plus if you ask me which you didnt, cheating on a woman with men is worse than with a woman. At least with a woman you can ‘try’ to be like the woman and make your husband want you more than the woman.. with a man what do you do?!

      • Tanx joor. U get my point. Plus d guy is good in bed anyways. *wink*. Not like he can’t get it up around her. So!! Yes all d way.

  7. *sigh*u guys hv never been in love before so u don’t understand what its like when ur heart gets twisted by the one you love. Oyin shouldn’t marry Yomi granted but Yomi took advantage of her feelings for him by showing up there. There’s no way she could hv looked him in the eyes n still said no

  8. Ua doing kalo kalo wt ur happiness abi? Toh! Warefa ur eye see there, collect it wt joy o… Toh! Ayaf say my own o! Oyinnnnnnnnn! Lngkm!!! Lmao! U don crase finish! Loll!

  9. *lips sealed* *eyes rolling* Oyin Clegg of all things lust?!? Omg. A se oo ti e le ( u ain’t so hard afterall) purleasseee. Space watching#

  10. she’s a smart girl, lets hope she has something up her sleeves apart from the simple decision of just marrying him like that…i look forward.

  11. NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! Why Oyin why?…he’s a bloody faggot..he doesn’t love you!..he’s marrying you to earn his family wealth he’s using u Oyin!…u better have a good plan hidden somewhere to use him too… get all his money and dump him o!..cos that’s the only explaination for this stupidity!…kai!…I reject this in Jesus name. (Amen)

    • Lol. Adunni83. I like ur post. You make sense o jare. That guy doesn’t like her a bit, he just want to use her as a social cover up. Who says she can’t find her dream man again? She’s a big gal, let her get close to God and keep living her life, with her feelings involved its going to be sooooo hard but let her try and picture the future o

  12. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here? She said, and I paraphrase, “…I have decided to marry Him.” We all know that her heart and her mind speak different languages.

    We just need to wait, and see if she really is marrying Him before giving the verdict.

    *fingers crossed*.

  13. u sure know wat is best for u, since u ve decided to marry yomi cos u luv him, b ready to b in second place. Adamu wil surely come b4 u in his decision making. buh who knows u cld b lucky, he can stil change. gud luck


  15. Nooooo oyin.!..please I hope u change ur mind..don’t marry that man hez not right for you ( -̩̩̩͡˛ -̩̩̩͡ ) you deserve much more, sum1 that would treat you like a Queen… Besides YOLO(you onli live once) dnt settle to b sum1’s 2nd priority…I’m sad:(

  16. LMAO! I knew she was going to marry him. My mum (Oyin’s mum too) calls it 12 O’clock marriage- it’s like her biological clock is running late and she has to just get married to the available man. *sigh* The answer was always there, buried somewhere deep down within, she just didn’t want to accept it. HML dear

  17. Wow..speechless….Oyin I don’t fink dts a right deecisiob but whatever u decide I guess God will see you thru *MaterialPossesionsAllIsVanity*

  18. Good morning Oyin, this is the Captain of the “One Chance” flight to life-time sadness via marital disaster. For your safety and comfort please carefully go through Yomi’s proposal and compare with your marital desires AGAIN! Should you wish to disembark, please call on “Hot Pastor” or follow is earlier advise before takeoff. If however you choose to remain on this flight please follow your mummsy’s advise and stick to Yomi’s proposal. Welcome on board!

    • Hehehe! Na so o! This flight is however destined to crash sometime during the journey.
      Once u take off, be aware that there would be no plan for landing, not even an emergency landing. On board, you would find ur pilot and mastermind, renowned faggot, Yomi who would fly this plane to any destination of his choice. Please be advised that once u board ds flight, you would be subject to the carrier’s terms and conditions. As you should be aware, there would be no1 else on board, no inflight attendant in the form of mummy or Toke to talk you through the many turbulent periods the journey would take you through.
      Enjoy your flight, we keep flying because of people like you!

  19. Hehehe! Oyin has done it!I guess I can’t really yarn sha cos me sef I know the power of love. I can’t imagine how tough it is especially since she loves him.#rubbingmyhandsinanticipationofnextweeksepisod#! Can’t wait!

  20. I dont think Oyin has a choice at this point cos there’s a lot at stake already. This guy is influential, his secret may not be safe with her and that could be dangerous.Nevertheless, she just sold her happiness for life lets just hope something miraculous will happen that will change the situation for good.

  21. This story shoud have ended when she found out he was gay. Now its like a Nigerian movie,UNNECESSARILY long and pointless

    • I don’t agree with u Tee…….this is what they call suspense, I’m sure u wld have felt a bit dissatisfied if the story had ended when she found out that d dude is bi-sexual :p

  22. this update no sweet o, it was too short.

    Honestly its the worst decision she could have made, its one thing if they were friends and she decided to help him out or she didn’t love him.

    But to actually love him and know he doesn’t return those feelings and go on with the marriage is a bad idea. She will be miserable the entire time, doesn’t matter if he is gay or not. What matters is he is open about the fact his affections don’t belong to her

    Really what will marriage add to her life that she doesn’t already have? Only the title Mrs. shikena!
    People need to get over this marriage or die attitude

  23. Ok I rest my case but I trust u’re gonna show him pepper in the next episode. Berra be his worst nightmare rubbish. Better don’t stoop so low as to settle.

  24. U go girl!!!
    Only you have the power to make your self happy, be you single or married.
    We never know , Yomi might loose his Homo senses tomorrow and love you as you want.
    All the best Dear. Cheers

  25. LOL…….i am actually laughing (even though it is not funny). Oyin dear pls make up your mind well before making decisions you might end up regretting for a very long time if not for the rest of your life……what if what you feel for him is not love? what if your brain is deceiving you into believing you love that bi-sexual of a being? Think deep babes think!!! *deep sigh*

  26. You’re my namesake 😦 Please don’t do something as stupid as this! You’re 36 not 50! C’mon! There’s millions of fishes in the ocean Don’t do this pleeeease 😥 Oyinkansolas are very smart people. Don’t disappointme yo 😥

  27. The issue above is a clear case of judging people with the physical instead of what he/she has inside.Oyin is falling for the physical attribute of Yomi not minding the devilish reason behind his proposal.Imagine how all ability to think changed the minute she saw him at the park.Yomi knows her weakness and will always capitalize on it.I was hoping she will ask him to go to hell while she waits for the real man meant for her (i.e if she had not given him up for her friend,who now lives in marital bliss),but instead she fell for his pranks.I think the devil just want to punish Oyin for being too choosy and loosing a God sent, otherwise, the story said she is a successful woman, the issue here is definitely not the wealth behind Yomi.I believe something positive will come up next edition.Or probably she just want to marry him to satisfy people then divorce for a proper life.May God in his infinite mercy help her in this critical period.

    • Sry for taking this personal oh bt if ur daughter comes nd tells u dis story abt herself is dis d same thing u’d say…….cs I rily nid us to be realisti ere…….coomon

  28. Father Lord!!!! I know I said marry him b4 o….. Berttt thanks to U, iv had a whole week to think about it… ‘Happiness before anything else’ DON’T DO IT!!! All the money n fame isn’t worth the many many troubles mehn…. Free him ASAP!!

  29. hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! *next week monday hurry up and come ooooo* dang dawg u have to write a book. a BIG book! u are a very interesting writer!

  30. What?! Are u for real? Okay, sorry oyin. That’s not fair. I’ve been in love too and it could be stupid and it hurts bad even when the guy is not worth it your heart style choose to do gymnastics, but marrying gay isn’t the best for you babe use your head, it works better here. Forget about what people will say o, ohun to ba wun elenu ni ki won fi enu won se, its your life here. What about if children comes when u least expect, what story will u concoct for them? Abe, abeg, abeg. Please don’t do it o. Use your head, you will find healing with time. And that man you want will come. Pele, doh

  31. Wait I need to understand something here… Did Yomi and Oyin ever do the ‘durty’ @ all??? And if yes,was he great @ it??? If No, so he will only be servicing Adamu’s kini? Ewwwwwwwww

  32. First off let’s be realistic here. All the people saying she has made a mistake if she has not been able to get a husband till she turned 36 what is the probability that will change anytime soon?? Abi because na story people are not considering that abi??
    Secondly she found herself a man dats more like 80% her taste shd she throw it away for a 95% man that only exists in her dreams?? I believe a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush abeg.
    Also she knows him for who he is at least now she can forget the idea of the guy and his secretary or neighbours sister! Abeg Oyin all you need to do is seek a counsellor and get alternatives to being happy! Look at the bright side he is bi so if she plays her cards right she would still get some which according to her would be awesome! Abeg carry go! “There are many ways to skin a cat”

  33. All u guys saying she shld go on nd its d right decision specially d girls all I av to say is *smh* serzly so u teln me u’d sacrifice the full love of ur husband for money nd marry a GAY guy……..serzly u’d marry a GAY guy WOW!!!!!!! If that’s true den our generation is trully CRAP!!!!!

  34. And by the way for u guys saying 1/2 bread is beta dan none……….dis is actually d same as none cs he cn neva actuall rily love her so all she has nw is no integrity whatsoever, no pride nd jst an extra GIRLFRIEND nt a husband cs all he cn do for her is d same a rich friend wld provide

    • This love u all are ranting about sef what is it really??after the marriage how much of it still remains??if they r friends n hv an agreement going for them ni isn’t it lots better?than wait till she’s 40 to marry the dream guy who after 2yrs of marriage begins to chase everything in skirts n doesn’t even remotely pay attention to her? At least she’s been dealt her cards straight from beginning and if she believes she can cope, pls leave her jor

  35. You decided to marry him? OMG I wish I have smileys to help me here… I hope what want to do is as smart as what Nikita did in letting percy die

  36. *sighs*
    More confused than ever!!!
    Its a win-win game for yomi either ways and a lose-lose for oyin! I kinda support hawt pastor’s stand tho.
    Babes, take heed and run!! Yomi is a snake!!!!

  37. I just cannot believe it! Oyin! How could you ‘decide to marry’ that snake? What of when it comes to conceiving – you know very well that its you his family will be calling barren! And what about if you are caught ‘having your own fun’? How would it look? What if after one year he says he wants a divorce? After all he would have gotten the family blessing, and family fortunes. He wont need you anymore.
    How could you? You say you love him – you love his body, not him! You should have run to pastor’s house not Ajah o! At least they can do deliverance session for you. Or run out of the country sef – Ghana would have helped you.
    This is so sad – some people are actually rationalizing. Wetin be love? What matters is MUTUAL RESPECT, and FRIENDSHIP. Love will diminish after the marriage, and what will she have left? A stranger, who will confide in, sleep with and forever be with ANOTHER MAN.
    Ewwwwww….If this seems okay – then our generation is really the replica of Sodom and Gomorra!

  38. Hmm … Lobatan😳😳! Artist Oyin Clegg!!! Draw ur life the way you picture it ojaree !! It is the way you want it . Cuz at this particular moment, nothing anybody would say can change ur mind so I have maysonu😷😷. All the best with Mr bi-gay and so on …

  39. Husband found!
    Moral of the story: We can all find husbands, question is:will it be the kind of husband u want? *sigh*

  40. She should teach him never to mess with any lady in his life again, infact for instance; since y’all r big shots, record d dude as he’s yarning his dust and sell to d media. But babe hope u really have a plan sha o toh.

  41. Lol…as in……looooooooolllllll. Nigerian muvi ree o! Lwkmd!!! But sha o….Oyin is an awesome writer…altho I don’t agree with her somwhatloose morals.But she’s good o! Foolish gehl! Lol. Nwayz,u ppl dat are tolkin Love dosnt last,marry 4d mony,save ursef bcos of ur age….yada yada yada….all nonsense…Marriages that work stil exist! I grew up in one,ppl kept sayin somthn will go wrong,they’r goin on 30 yrs &stil goin strong! So let’s not b shallow or short-sighted abeg. Better 2wait 4d best than settle 4less all ur life. I’m not sayin its easy,but that’s why God gave us resilience. Oyin,use it!

  42. Pple!!! Let’s give Oyin a break.
    Deciding to Marry Yomi is not d same thing
    As actually saying ‘I DO’
    Let the crucifixion after she marries him
    Until then…..

  43. Pls don’t do it, don’t waste your life. Its as if he wrote the script of your life and you are acting it. At age 36, you ve waited long enough so you don’t need to eat something rotten. Its not worth it dear. Its your life, don’t worsen it.

  44. Wat I tink is wat if he’s jst using it 2 test if u rily love him……he myt wili not b gay…bt if he is nd u agree 2 marry him,smday hell define where u r kmin 4rm nd den it’ll hurt

    • I think he’s defo gay, especially if Oyin watched him with hAdamu* for almost 5 miutes before they noticed she was there…too funny

  45. Follow your heart jare. You never can tell where the wind of life will blow you towards.. Just be ready to adapt to changes.. I trust you’ll be fine..

  46. Happy marriage life. Oyin,all u need do is to restriction ur mind set and pray to God to deliver him frm that bondage ur prayer meant be the solution to the problem and remember nothing good comes easy.

  47. U dey crase oyin! Are u out of ur mind? D man is demonic! If u marry him, for d rest of ur life it will be pain and regrets! Haba! Abeg, use some of ur lagos sense here o!he’s usin ur head cos he knows u love him. And dats pure wickedness *notinterested*

  48. errrrrrrrrrm ARE YOU ADAMU???? hehehehehe good story though. either its a gf’s story or u lived it. hapy birthday and kudos to u! great job! keep the tails coming. most of the scenes were so on point with Gidds gurls i wont doubt this content for a hot second. lol

  49. This is just a sad and pathetic story! I don’t even know why I feel so sad for oyin, well I guess I just have to be!! And that ossy I really don’t blame him but I hate him ehn (lol) and gloria too, friends can’t be trusted! (Code of friendship–dont do a guy that ur friend has done or had a thing for ur friend! What happened to that CODE?! *sigh* really like you oyin! A lot……u are all I want to be Independent except of course marriend before 35 *shrug* :*

  50. I know this story isn’t true, but a lot of s..t goes on in this world. Don’t ever think the next person has got it better than you.

  51. Oyin, (mind my language o)prick wey dey enter ass-hole dey enter your fanny/pussy? Even PussyRiot go sing song for you and you won’t be able to send them to prison like Putin. Marry Ass-fucker? Jeez…getting married mostly is not the best thing that can happen to a woman. My sis-in-law is single at 43 with twins she ‘arrangedly’ had for one correct bobo. Many times, I secretly envy her. Shiooooh for you o

  52. @ therock, you couldnt have said it better. There are indeed many ways to skin a cat.
    1. Who said Yomi didnt love her back?
    2. Who is to say her life will be any less miserable if she married the typical obnoxious naija man who gets rude after a few years and tends to cheat…..married women una know say its not all rosy….so calm down.
    3. He is happy to have sex with her and also have kids
    4. We all marry people for something ok. Your reason is not any less selfish or more noble than Oyin’s so be quiet.

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  54. ♍ε thinks ds is wt happens to ladies who r looking for d “perfect man”( hot, tall, dark, handsome, rich, tush, conservative, clean etc ). This doesnt mean one shldnt hav a standard buh setting unrealistically high standards is very unwise. She is d cause ☀̤̣̈̇f all these… I pity u, Oyin. LOL.

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  56. Welcome to the world of greed, Oyin!!! We all have to realise that this is what is happenig in our society now, hence we should never envy anyone we “See” as big boys and girls.

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