Finding Hubby – Episode 11


I stood there, jaw dropped all the way to the ground. Even with all the racing of my imagination, this scenario had not occurred once. I had imagined rushing into the room and throwing a huge tantrum and even throwing the girl out in her underwear. I had imagined pulling her hair. Scratching her face. Slapping her silly. I had imagined doing many other things to her. But this was not a her. It was a he, the he I had been trying to hook my best friend with just a few hours ago. For about five more minutes, they didn’t notice anyone had come in, lost in their perverted bliss. Then he opened his eyes and saw me. I expected to see fear, to see alarm that he had been discovered, but instead I saw a calm that sent a chill down my spine.

He calmly disentangled himself from Adamu and stood before me. I still couldn’t utter a word. Still naked, he sat in his office chair. Adamu could not be bothered by my presence. He just lay there, a content and satisfied look on his face.

“So you have found out my little secret a little earlier than I intended. You were supposed to discover this after we were through with the wedding, but since you have found out now, I might as well lay all the cards on the table”. He spoke like we were in his office for a business meeting, not like I had two naked men in there. I screamed “Yomi! Little secret? How could you do this to me? How?” I broke down crying loudly as I crumpled to the ground. My legs simply gave way beneath me.

“You need to stop the hysterics and listen to me with the rational part of your mind and then carefully consider what I’m about to say before you make a decision.” My crying pattered down to sobs and I looked to him to hear what he was gonna say. My angel of light had just transformed into the darkest demon from the pit of hell. And he was so calm.

“I’m gay, bisexual or homo, worreva you want to call it, as you have discovered. I discovered my sexuality since secondary school but knowing my family, I’ve kept it hidden from most people. But my family has become suspicious of this fact. And considering this society and the kind of fortune I stand to lose if I have any issues in my relationship with my family, I had to come up with a plan. My plan was to find someone who was eager to marry, and bring her home to my family. My chance overhearing of your conversation with your friend at the airport told me I’d found the right candidate. I have not been wrong so far. Once we are married, all suspicions about my sexual orientation would be ruled out, especially if we have a child quickly. Are you with me?”

I kept quiet, and he took that as a sign that he should continue.

“I still want us to get married, in spite of your discovery. The deal is this – I give you the marriage that you’ve always wanted, so you can leave the spinster’s club, and get a new surname and the respect that you crave at being addressed as a married woman. And of course, to get your mum off your back. You give me legitimacy and face saving with my family, and critically, continued access to the family wealth. The marriage will be very open, you can date whoever you want to, and I’ll carry on my own affairs but we’ll both need to be discreet and project the image of a happy couple to the public and our families. You’ll of course have your own share of the wealth, to use as you please. You’d really not have to work again. And you could live on any continent, in any kind of housing you like, away from prying eyes in Naija. You can date anyone you like. You don’t even have to see me except for important family functions. You’ll have what you always wanted, a husband and a new surname, plus very plenty freebies, and I’ll have what I need. That is the deal.”

I sat on the floor dumbfounded by what he was saying. How could this guy just sit there and spew such arrant nonsense. Adamu got up from the table and went over me like I wasn’t there to get a drink.

Yomi continued “I don’t expect you to make a decision immediately. But you do have to come back to me within three days so I can know if the wedding is happening or not.”

He stood up and left the room with Adamu.

For minutes, I just sobbed quietly on the floor, you know, those quiet kinds of sobs that draw from the deepest depths of the heart. My picture perfect relationship had been shattered with exactly one week to my wedding.

The rational thinking part of me screamed that I should call it all off. Call the relationship off. Call the wedding off. Cut every contact with Yomi and his ilk. I really felt like slitting my wrists and just letting it all out. But a more basal part of me spoke into my mind, telling me it was not such a bad deal, that I’d be getting all I could get and that many girls would pounce on such a deal. I tried to drown these thoughts with my sobs, but they kept tearing back to the surface on my mind.

I am confused and ashamed that I’m confused about this choice. If I was ten years younger, I would walk away without looking back. But I’m approaching 36, with a very public relationship and all. Yomi is evil, I could see that now. He knew this would happen, and that I would feel trapped.

I sped dialed Toke. “Please come and pick me at Yomi’s house”. She tried to ask me what the issue was but I had cut the call.

In the wildest of my imaginations, I never imagined I would be at this kind of crossroads. It’s day 2 of Yomi’s ultimatum for a feedback and I am utterly confused. First I do not talk to either Gloria or Ossy any longer. Ossy was very mean to me. From the day he met me at the airport, he had known all about Yomi. Yomi had been his senior in secondary school. So he knew. That’s why he smiled that smile when I told him Yomi hadn’t touched me. That was why he spoke so sarcastically. Jealousy had blinded him so much that he didn’t bother to rescue his friend from this dilemma. A word from him would have alerted me to the danger I was in and saved me all this trouble.

But in my moments of reflection, I knew even if he had spoken out then, I would not have taken him seriously. I would have interpreted it as the angry ranting of a scorned man.

Now I was torn between calling of my well publicized and much anticipated wedding at my age or going into a life that I knew I couldn’t be happy living. If I took the first option, I would be the ridicule of the town, tagged as a woman who cannot just settle down. People would assume that the man had discovered something that all the other men before him had discovered that made them call the wedding off. People would assume he was being a gentleman by not revealing what he had discovered. In our culture, for such things, it’s the woman that would be blamed, be scorned and be ridiculed. I would be cannon fodder for soft sells and bloggers.

If I took the second option, that would not be the life of bliss with my husband I had always dreamt about. I would be comfortable and free, yes, but at a huge cost. And something in my heart told me that as such things go, at some point in future, it would come to light and then I would be publicly disgraced as a money hungry woman who didn’t mind marrying someone who was gay to help him cover it up for financial gain.

The conversation with my mum went something like this

“En, kini oju o ri ri? (What’s new under the sun?). At least he isn’t a wife beater or ritualist or armed robber. You better do now and marry, and don’t bring shame to this family’s name”.

Toke says I should not be stupid and throw away what I had found on a small issue like that. She was of the opinion that the deal I was being served was what many girls would kill to have. “You have a husband; can date anyone you want and truckloads of money, plus a hold on your husband to request anything and he would not be able to refuse. Don’t be foolish my dear”. But when I told her Adamu might be interested in having the same arrangement with her, she began to stammer. That told me what she really thought of the arrangement. It was good for me but not for her.

Hot Pastor expressly told me in firm terms that I shouldn’t go ahead in spite of the pressure. He sermonized and all, but also made plenty sense. What if someone better was just around the corner and Yomi was the devil’s temptation to shortchange me from getting that?

Everywhere I went, everyone was greeting me and congratulating me on the soon to come wedding. My new name in their mouths was Iyawo, the bride and so on. Each time they called me so, I cringed. I decided to go away from everyone to think. There just seemed to be too much interference from all of them.


138 thoughts on “Finding Hubby – Episode 11

  1. Wow babes,dnt even try dis.Dis is humiliation of d highest level.Money isn’t everytin.I bet U̶̲̥̅̊ babes,U̶̲̥̅̊ ll n can neva b hapi if U̶̲̥̅̊ ever marry dis uncircumcised man.Forge ahead gurl,sometim good awaits U̶̲̥̅̊.

  2. It really isn’t that much of a big deal. Marry him, morve back abroad and shop for a new husband. You will satisfy everyone else and spend the money you didn’t earn. It will work, don’t worry.

    (Oh, and I know this is complete fiction, by the way.)


    • Abeg no come put makosa for our blues na we know its fiction. Let our imagination work for us. However if she marries and starts shopping for a new husband, don’t you think she is gonna be labelled a whore who can’t seem to keep her legs closed even in her husband’s house. Biko she should expose him and keep her integrity intact while tanishing yomi’s image joor. Besides as a single girl she has always taken care of herself. ” justsaying#

      • See me o! Talk your own and I’ll talk my own, please.

        See, she’s marrying into a rich and very influential family. We all know what that means in the Nigerian scene. Any attempt to embarrass her husband’s family will be squashed, killed and buried – its an un-winnable war. And if she doesn’t marry him, she loses both way….she will be disgraced and she will lose out on the freebies.
        It’s best to marry him and look for her Mr. Right.

      • This is a tough one, i personally dont believe that your world should revolve around marriage right now, you may be 36, you may think that time is running out but you can still do the right thing for once… Make the right choice, you need to look inside and see that you’re a beautiful woman, all these men around you are taking advantage of the fact that you’re desperate, men are hunters, they like to chase, not the other way round, call off the marriage, that would show that you still have some sort of dignity then get your act together, you need to sit down and analyse your life,stop living for the men and the money… Get to know you, love you, enjoy your life, you only get to live once, dont spoil it because you want to marry a rich, handsome guy at all cost… Turn your life around, be commited to God and i bet you a better man who will treat you right will come chasing you. It may be hard to make this choice now because of what people will say but what do you want… Money and unhappiness in the short run or real happiness in the long run, hold on tight, you’ll be fine

      • Hmmm to sell one’s dignity and Soul for money! It isn’t worth it my dear. On to the next one. You deserve so much better OC

    • How are you supposed to find mr right when you’re already married? Even if she found Mr Right, what would she tell him? “Honey, I’m married, but my husband is gay. I only married him bcos I wanted his money and not to shame myself. But now I can marry you.” Lol If that doesn’t smell like gold digging whore, then I don’t know what does. We all know the type of men Oyin Clegg goes for – rich, fab, and handsome. Her mr right just might fall into that category and the dude will not marry her because he’ll just assume she’s marrying him to take his money cos she got tired of her gay husband (who, he would think, might not be gay. He would probably think Oyin is making shit up just so she can jump into another money boat).

      There’s no win in this, hun. Sorry. Stop thinking like a Nigerian. Think like a human being.

      • Oh wow, your disgust for Nigerians is so apparent, you smear everything with the same disgusting generalist brush. I almost feel sorry for you.
        You said yourself, its a no win situation meaning if she marries him…she’s unhappy, if she doesn’t marry him, she’s unhappy AND disgraced.
        I said, marry him and at least try to keep yourself happy with the money he promised you will be given. He also said it’s ok for her to date other people, meaning the search for Mr Right will be easier without having to play hide and seek.
        We obviously have differing opinions on the issue, we can agree to disagree. No need to display your obvious ignorance of the nature of people (Nigerian or not) on here.
        You make it sound like Nigerians invented the word “gold digger” and no one else of any race or nationality is culpable.

      • No actually, when I said “stop thinking like a Nigerian” I meant, stop trying to look for the win in anything that involves “money”, cos that’s what it’s mostly like in Nigeria. Not generalising at all – that’s the way it is. I may not have lived in this country longer than you but I’ve lived in it long enough to know the name of the game and how it’s played. Also, it’s NOT a no win situation if she doesn’t marry the gay dude (I forget his name, and can’t be arsed to look it up). If she doesn’t marry him, she keeps her dignity and finds the right guy. The problem with this oyin chick is that she’s always going for who has money. Money, money, money. I’ve never read an episode where it’s been all about who the guy is and not WHAT he has (or how beautiful he looks). That’s her fundamental problem. She is the architect of her own destruction.

        Being free to date other people does not necessarily mean she can find mr right. Like i said, how exactly does she want to “end up” with mr right if she’s still married to the guy? Ok, divorce. But then, how does she explain why she’s divorcing her super rich husband from a super powerful family for another dude? How does she explain it to the public or even to the so-called mr right? Eventually, it’ll come out that she got into the marriage for the money, and what man would want to end up with a woman whose purpose to marry someone for money? If she takes this path no normal person would want to marry her. The only people who won’t mind marrying her are dudes who want to play her for her money (after all, she did the same thing to the gay guy).

        Blud, it can’t end well for her if she chooses to marry the gay bloke just because of the money. What’s even more frightening is how you can see the positive in that course of action 😐

      • Akin, you assume I live or have lived in Nigeria for a gazillion years because…? Oh, wait, you’re a “Nigerian”. Asks 0%, assumes 100%. Seen.

        If she doesn’t marry him, she will NOT maintain her dignity. Tongues will wag, her family will fault her and her friends and enemies alike will laugh at her. She’s between a rock and a hard place really. She can choose to go in or stay out. No way is the right way.
        As I said earlier, we have differing opinions on this fictional story. If we all agreed to the same things, we will all be zombies. You air your views and I air mine without the unnecessary stereotypical and annoying labeling based on ignorant assumptions of human nature.

        Ciao, Nigerian.

      • Lol aww, come on, there’s really no need for name calling. And I only assumed you’re a Nigerian because of the way you’re tackling the issue. I am Nigerian, so when you keep going “Ciao Nigerian” I don’t get, are you trying to make me feel bad about myself?

        Anyways… Dignity, as defined by the cambridge dictionary: the opinion that you have of the standard of your own importance and value.

        Everything you’ve just said – of her family wagging their tongues at her, and people saying this and that, that’s just WHAT people would say of her. That has NOTHING to do with her dignity. So what, are you saying that YOU would act or behave in a certain way because you’re afraid of what people might say about you? Really? Wouldn’t have pegged you for “weak”. People should learn to stand up and do what they feel is right and not what everyone expects of them.

        Ciao Nigerian funny

      • Akin, name calling? Where? Absolutely unnecessary in this matter.
        You are a TYPICAL NIGERIAN, dude! You assume your way and opinion is the right and only way. As I said earlier, she should marry the dude and do what she can to keep herself happy. You think she shouldn’t marry him, WELL AND GOOD. YOU AIR YOUR OPINION, I AIR MINE. DON’T ATTACK ME AND MY OPINION, WE ARE BOTH ENTITLED TO ONE! SHEESH!
        Don’t also bother yourself about the “weakness” of my nature. Regardless of how weak or strong I am, I’m allowed to type my views on a fictional story. Let it go, dude.

        Also, I called you a Nigerian because despite your very condescending demeanor towards Nigerians and all things Nigerian, you seem to have forgotten yourself somewhere in there. Your first post on this topic was condescending and your attack on my views was also condescending.

        People are allowed to opine differently from you, deal with it.

      • What on earth are you on about? What condescending demeanour? Different countries have different cultures, and cultures influence the way we think and act. However, it doesn’t mean all cultures are right. In Nigeria, the culture of marriage is if you’re a woman and you’re 36 and you’re not married, then something is wrong with you. So if any marriage offer comes, seize it, no matter how weird or iffy it looks. And that’s wrong, which is basically what I said. Everyone knows about this prevailing marriage culture in our society. Me mentioning it, righty attributing it to Nigeria does not mean I think I’m better than Nigerians. I’m simply pointing out a flaw in the way most Nigerians think. I’m calling a spade a spade. Wtf is wrong with that??

        Anyways, allow it.

    • Oga Akin, Calling Nigerian girls bitches is not condescending, abi? It is perfectly in line with your “understanding different cultures” point of view? *rolls my eyes* Dude, you mis-yarned, you got called out and now you’re just chatting bull. Oshi nile pako.
      Besides, you jumped on my post and my opinion, you should be the one “allowing it”. Beat it, dude.

      • Akin and Walvia, go grab a room like Adamu and Yomi, you’re making it difficult to read comments on here. lolz

      • Walvia…. Am sorry but I can see how materialistic u are just from ur comments… Stop washing ur dirty linens in Public babe. Money isn’t everything and besides not all dat glitter is Gold…

  3. Na wa for Oyin o… As my name sake all dis must not happen in real life o… call it off o. It might b difficult for a while but it wud sumhow pan out… (i know its fiction…. but TS, pls na all dis wahala on Oyin, na wa o)

  4. Biko Nne m do not mind that Toke so na u the marriage do pass. Take it from someone who has called off three engagements. Better single and happy than married and miserable. I would not even think it twice, so calling it for. That yomi na fool. Or you can choose to revenge and be his karma. Agree to the marriage then you can help him announce his sexuality at the church or reception. Hehe. However you really can’t fault Ossy and his wife. He tried for you and you broke his heart big time. You said it yourself, you would have thought his ranting that of a jealous man. On a serious note you need to expose Ossy so no chic will fall into his trap and most of all every man out there will know nuffin is wrong with you. And to your mum I can only say shame.

  5. No way oyin,better to be late than be the late,dont even try it,take the shame naw cos there is a long term awaiting shame if u go sorry,u’ve been thru so much but am sure u will smile in the end whether d devil likes it or not.

  6. The thought of staying with him even after this is insane. Forget about what people will say, call off the wedding and move on. If possible, go far away for a while and allow everything cool off. U don’t deserve this kind of treatment from anyone. Pls don’t make the mistake of going along with his plan. So sorry about this. XOXO

  7. Oyin,don’t even try it. Don’t even go there. This is a life-time decision o! D idiot might even end up being a woman-beater,who knows. Someone that doesn’t even feel any remorse about being caught wiv anoda man,that was not moved by ur tears,ABEG!!! ΰ’ll regret ur actions la8r if ΰ go ahead with it,trust me. Y not wait 4 ur own man and be happy 4 d rest of ur life??? *jusaying*

  8. Hmm
    Babe, pls this is already an abandoned project. You don’t need to prove yourself to anyone. You have a good heart. Don’t settle for less.

  9. hmmmmmm, dis matter is simple. why would u wait dis long and end up in dis kind of messed up marriage? I think u shld take a walk and hope for the better from God, yomi is just a distraction, but if u feel u can cope, go girl and get married to him, have all d money and divorce him few months or years after.

  10. Oyin, think of d future not the immediate moment. it is clear that you will always b second in yomi’s life while his foolish sex partner take up ur original position. is better u run for your their life now than to b sorry in d future.

  11. Oga gan o. People will be saying, don’t just try it. But if u were in her shoes na otherwise o. Be sincere.

  12. Oyin could get her revenge this way: agree to the offer of marriage in return for freedom and all the other perks. Meanwhile, she should find a way of getting someone to stalk and then video tape yomi while doing the act, get the video leaked by an anonymous person with no trace to her. That way, yomi will be excposed and she’ll have a good basis to ask for a divorce plus a huge settlement for the embarrassment and damage to reputation his escapades has caused her…afterall the agrreement was no one should know his secret, and she wasn’t the one who leaked it, not so? 🙂

    • Exactly! People fail to realize the kind of pressure people put on unmarried single women in our society. Pressure began to mount on me the moment I turned 21. Even people who hardly knew me will be asking when I’m going to get married. If I didn’t have a strong mind, I’d have married the first idiot who came my way and been miserable. Right now, I can’t even imagine getting to 30 or 36 for that matter and be living in Nigeria unmarried, you will kill yourself!
      She should go ahead with the marriage to get people’s tongues off her back but she needs someone (not her mother) to confide in in case anything goes wrong. Get married and look for Mr. RIght. Shikena!

      • @walvia, Nawa oh, u said t urself dah if u dint have a strong mind u wld v married d 1st idiot nd u wld v been miserable nd nw u r telling her to marry Mr Idiot Yomi, so she’ll be miserable abi, y dint u marry ur own 1st idiot, nd bdwy our comments dnt even matter cos dis stuff has happened already. #jst saying

      • I didn’t marry the “idiot” at 21, I will if I’m 36, single and he’s rich. Simple.

      • U said all dat buh u dint put bi? Let’s say d dude was even bi nd den he was sober or sounded lyk sum1 dah cared, dat’ll be better

    • Very funny, that’s wanting to eat her cake and have it. Please recall that it is a ‘silent’ common knowledge on watshisname’s sexual orientation, not to mention that both family and few people were suspecting. Which ever way she plays the card, she will be burnt. Take a walk and take the short term piss and paparazzi that comes with it.
      How many times have we heard people splitting with the catch phrase ‘ irreconcilable differences’.
      You have to pay for this mistake but that doesn’t mean the future has been shut on you.

  13. if i was in your shoes omo clegg, having done the intro and being offered all the freebies, i’d want to opt out but liver will fail me. I’ll weep for days but since my mother approves, i’ll go ahead with the wedding.

  14. Exactly, why wait so long only to settle for this?
    lemme help you plot revenge…milk some money from him days before the marriage, go ahead with the plan, at the altar just say you cant do it and run out(like they do in hollywood movies) then use the small money to go on a vacation..say a month..go to seychelles or somfin..if e baaaaaad, you can even relocate sef…forget your mum and dos pipu, they would always talk anyway.
    Long and short, dont be too sad darling, I have learnt that when bad things like this happen, it is just an indication of the beautiful thing that is yet to happen and would happen.
    Pele my dear XOXO.

  15. Don’t go ahead with the marriage please, btw ur mother has issues…a serious bad influence, are you D̶̲̥̅̊ only person to be single at 36. I think your Mr right is around D̶̲̥̅̊ corner girl don’t accept D̶̲̥̅̊ offer o!

    • Bitter Mr Londoner, mind your language. You can only attract what you deserve. Since its being a while you came ‘home’, let me educate you. Its the other way round now. Guys now form the tread on being useless and looking for gals to milk dry

      • LMAO! Preach!
        The guy’s disrespect and hatred for Nigerians is mind boggling! Are your family members oyibo, biko?

      • Well, yes guys do the same, but it’s more rampant amongst women. I did not mean to generalise. Not ALL nigerian girls would do it. The “typical” Nigerian girl does not represent ALL Nigerian girls. Somehow that meaning got lost in translation. I do apologise. But I’ma stick to my guns on the fact that the “typical” Nigerian girl (and a lot of Nigerian girls) will go for the Marriage simply because of the Money. Even Walvia will go ahead with Yomi’s proposal, proving my point.

        Again, did not mean to offend. I hope I have clarified my stance on the matter 😉

        PS: Walvia hahahaha!

    • Dude @Akin, that is being disrespectful to all women especially Nigerians. I don’t care what you have been though or not with them but you have absolutely no right to disrespect women and especially not in this forum. Just remember that your own mother ( dead or alive) is/was a woman and would also fall into the category of Nigerian women whom you so disdainfully label as ( I cringe to write this) **bitches**.

  16. Going ahead to marry a bisexual/gay guy isn’t even the issue. The thing is the guy in question cares absolutely nothing 4u. Someone who was cold bloddedly planned such deception, what’s to stop him from disposing of u in future if u no loger fit his bill? As for Ossy, he never really loved u in d 1st place…just the idea of u.

  17. Hmmmmm… oyin! Oyin!! Ooooyin!!! How many tyms did I call u? Three! Run with ur heels touching the back of ur head! Don’t play d devil’s game. Ur mom wouldn’t have married ur dad under d circumstances. Don’t turn urself to example for d future generations! Abo’ro la nso f’omo luabi. To ba dinu re, a do dindin! Toh!

  18. Babe listen…. Marry him!! Marriage is overrated, all ur retarded “happily married” friends are sticking with shit and they probably don’t hv the money and the open marriage Yomi is offering… 36 is gerrin old mehn. Menopause in a bit! Get married n be brapping some correct guy on d side o jare! That’s all folks! *wink*

  19. Better do quick and marry him…shior when the desireable is unavailable then the available is desrieable. Am strait though

    • You are so not straight, can’t remember any1 asking if you are…. cos if you are straight, you don’t really have to mention it to prove your point!! No one asked u

  20. As in I’m so weak for oyin.if she marries dat yomi guy she will suffer silently in d relationship n it wld kill her. People r saying ehn she shld marry n take a lover forgetting dat we r in a society whether home or abroad that chastises women who commit adultery. Yomi will go scot free whichever way except he is exposed with evidence but even then people will still ask why her own is like this. As yoruba says “abi won se epe fun ni” meaning did they curse her?

    • It’s really difficult to give advice on this issue cos i dont know anyone it’s happened to before. Oyin, i’ve thot long and hard and i honestly dont think u should marry him; if u have asked me a week ago, i would have told u it’s not easy to be 36 and unmarried when ur mates are already having their 3rd kids. But u know what, it really is not the end of the world; at least u found out before the wedding! think how devastated u would have been if u had seen him on ur wedding night. right now u still have a choice, money and “mrs” isn’t everything.

      On a lighter note, abeg free the guy from your mind jare Oyinsco!! move on to the next fine bobo jare; u have this secret on him, just write or record everything somewhere, the day he threatens u, abeg send to Encom….or any other soft sell, they will finish him…………………..make sure u let him know o!!;)

  21. =))=Dlaffº˚˚°º≈wanº˚˚°º≈tearº˚˚°º≈myº˚˚°º≈cute yellow belleº˚˚°º≈=))=D =)) ‎​​ =)) ˚°◦hahahaha!!! .
    _\\_ 🙂 Laffº˚=)) ˚°º=)) ≈wanº˚˚°º=D ≈disconnectº˚˚=D °º≈myº˚˚°º≈nipplesº˚˚°º≈==D. I talk am say she go pay, you never start

  22. Wow its gonna be a hard decision to make, hmmmmm a part of me wants u to marry him cos haba (u done suffer no be small) but then u cnt buy or compromise happiness… Gosh!

  23. Oyin….. I really do feel for you. Whatever decision you take, sweety u will feel the pain and it would be so deep. Yomi never loved you becos he didnt act as if he hurt u rather was acting as though he was doing you a favour. If you continue with the marriage, he would always act “he is granting you a favour” whereas gal u are the one granting him the biggest favour in his life, (good name, reputation, child etc) and besides, money aint ur problem. You can take care of urself.

    Deal with him in a way that he would feel the pain so deep, becos if you do not marry him at the end, he would do it to someone else. So babes!!! spoil his market jare….. scatter his sales…!!!! He aint worth it at all. You cant end up the fool.

    I sympathise with u.

  24. eh eh, lest i forget, pls, Akin, i read ur post o

    “The problem with this oyin chick is that she’s always going for who has money. Money, money, money. I’ve never read an episode where it’s been all about who the guy is and not WHAT he has (or how beautiful he looks)……”

    Pls wassrong in a gel going for a guy who has money???abeg abeg abeg, if he has money, the better it is. And wassup with the name calling of Nigerian girls? is ur mother not a Nigerian? abi u don’t have sista?? pls o, there are many responsible Nigerian women who r not after ur money out there, u’re probably not looking in the right places.

    In fact, u sef, u wants to follow someone who cannot open his mouth and talk without insulting women, abeg go and sit ur tired a**e somewhere jare let’s hear berra people….

    • Let’s cool off &make smart choices ooh…it can’t luk gud in a couple of yrs…&xcpt u hav a shoulder4 her2com cry on in d nxt 2yrs,stop shoutin “marry him”! And no,it rly dsnt mk sense…we all kno that….so y r we validatin d opinion dat we’r short-sighted jst cos we’r nigerians? Y’all kno better! So stop formin all dis “its a gud thing,go&marry him” idea dat u ppl are hawkin joh… Mnwyl akin,ur own is too much! Get a life abeg!

    • LOL! Are you for real? What did I do wrong? I only said that most Naija chicks would go for the money over anything else, as you just confirmed. There’s nothing wrong with loving money. We all love money. That’s why we work. How else can we live and provide for ourselves and our families without money? But when money becomes the root of everything, the very oxygen we breathe, the reason for our existence, then … honey, that’s just sad. Oyin looooves money, man. What’s even weird is for someone who actually has a great job and makes shit loads of money, she acts like one of them chicks who hasn’t seen money before and must do whever she takes to end up with someone with moooney or she will be poor forever and ever and ever hahaha! It’s funny, really.

      I do have a sister. But that isn’t enough reason to shy away from the truth. Not all Nigerian girls love money over everything. If I gave that impression, then I apologise. However, A LOT of Nigerian girls put a lot of preference on money. It’s the truth. We all know it’s the truth. Why are we fighting each other over something we see everyday? Lol peace, man. Take care!

      • Lol! A lot of Nigerian women put money over everything and the men do what? They put everything else over money? They are all philosophers who want nothing to do with vanity and material wealth, eh? All Nigerian men are complete replicas of Plato and Gandhi, abi?
        Who is running the country? Who put it in the state it is today? Hungry women with dollar signs in their eyes? Akin, please try and be objective, it helps.
        Whenever I hear men complaining about how women like money, I laugh. These are the same men that go for the most aesthetically pleasing women they can happen upon. They buy the finest things money can afford without regard to the less privilege or any sort of charity. Yet, it’s the women who are evil gold digging whores. If your morals are so upright, why don’t you go to igbobi to pick your girlfriends and wives? Double standards much? Shior kelebe!

      • nawa oo, y u guys attacking Akin like this now? the man is telling the truth and we all know it. Nigerians like money. women and men, even children sef. a 5 yr old will throw 50naira note back in your face. its not like women like money more than men, its that women are willing to do more undignified things for money. and all y’all saying she should take the money are just proving the point exactly. i like the suggestion someone gave. marry him, get someone to “discover” his secret, play the wounded wife, divorce him and chop his money. so she can have her revenge, the money and that ‘married woman’ status that she is craving. talk about eating your cake and having it 😀

      • Walvia, I didn’t say men didn’t like money. I actually said, verbatim: “We all love money. That’s why we work. How else can we live and provide for ourselves and our families without money?” Emphasis on “we” – that is you, me, men, women, children, everyone.

        The reason I’m not focusing on the “men” side of things is because the topic of discussion is about “a woman who has been given the option to marry a man who is gay and in turn get a lot of money”.

        Also, please cut the bullshit, man. Nigeria. Corruption is Nigeria is not friend to any one sex – men and women are both corrupt, whether it’s a man ruling or a woman. Isn’t the petroleum minister a woman? The aviation minister, isn’t she a woman? Aren’t planes still falling down from the sky in Nigeria? Man, you can sit there and blame Jonathan Goodluck for all our problems, but the fact is the responsibility of moving this country forward falls on every Nigeria – man and woman alike.

        But forget that – this is not about politics.

        Honestly, I can wrap my mind around all this talk of not giving to charity and buying gifts for women. If a man doesn’t buy gifts for women (I mean most women in Nigeria), another man will, and she will collect it, and eventually she will leave the man who isn’t buying gifts for her for the man who is, simply because the first man isn’t buying gifts! That’s the nature of things in this country.

        Why should I go to igbobi (just asked my colleague, and that’s a mental institution, if I’m not mistaking) to pick up a woman? If one of them dudes who pushes those metal bins on the road approached you and asked you out, would you date him? Speak the truth, man – you wouldn’t do it. You’d much rather go for a man who is successful, who can provide for you, who can buy you some of the nice things you want. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s what you want. So, why can’t I have what I want too? I want a nice chick, beautiful, upstanding, hardworking, sexy as hell, and – hey – if she works at igbobi (and she’s not a patient there) then yeah, I’d date her. Nothing wrong with that.

      • Ok, I’m so tired of reading sequential comments btw akin n Walvia! Looks like they r waiting for each other to comment!
        Akin. This episode doesn’t portray oyin as a Nigerian lady that would do anything to land a man with money. It rather showcases a lady that is ready to take an unpopular decision just to fit into the societal expectations of being married by a certain age.
        So instead of harping on about Nigerian women liking money, why not blab about Nigerian society pressuring women into wrong marriages

  25. Babe, this is very simple…marry him get all u can, announce to everyone on ur anniversary that he’s gay, then move on. Simple!…he’s a beast for putting u thru all this! And u treat a beast like one!…OR get a pre-wedding settlement of 100million, on ur weddin day announce to everyone that he’s gay and u caught him with Adamu..then walk out on them….

  26. Oyin, U̶̲̥̅̊ av finally met ur karma. My advice play along and take †ђξ deal!! U̶̲̥̅̊ might be surprised….

  27. Oyin, you have to be smart here o. its a tough situation. Look at all the scenarios. Now you know his well kept ‘little secret’ that he has fought so hard to hide from his parents et all, do you really think he will let you go scot free??? You will either spill the beans which of course he will counter probably in the worst possible way, or promise to keep quiet which of course he will not believe. He seems a very smart and calculating guy so my dear, your life as you know it is over. In my candid opinion, and for self-preservation you need to act smarter than him. Play a little chess. He has made his first offer. Counter with your own offer which will checkmate all of his and put you on top strategically. You will have to think well and hard…………………….. Put your emotions aside and be just as cold as he is. The game is on

    • Erm, u think her life is a fucking board game rt? Ok, just like In the game, some times u make a move u can’t reverse and den u bite ur fingers. Yomi wd beat her in ds game, he didnt start planing it the day she caught him. He has d advantage of time

  28. U knw,d prblm wit we gurls is dt we look down on ourselvs wen we get to dt marriageable age &nt married yet,dey feel evry oportunity misd 2gt married wld b deir last.plsssssssss oyin dnt marry d bi,es so nt worth you.u deserv beta dan dat,ur real hubby is jus round d corner,dnt giv up op ok.

    • So sad! My word of advise to you is to break up with this guy, I know it had but you just have to “Think about this twice” there is know different between being single and marrying this guy perhaps if you do at the end, you will still end up break up because this relationship can’t last forever. I pray GOD will always lead you to your own man at the right time. Let me tell you this yeah! You get choice die…….

  29. Well, saw this coming. Oh pls, fiction or not, I know of 2 couples with this arrangement, one’s my elder sister’s friend (very popular) and his wife just moved back him after refusing to accept his decision (she’s no longer talking to the friends who advised her to quit a marriage with a wealthy gay guy). The other is not popular but from a prominent family, he lives in UK with his partner (called his business partner and housemate and bestie by the unknowing public), whilst his wife has their kids in Lagos in a nice flat. Both guys are yoruba. It’s not an easy decision, but her choice was for glamorous rich men, so she sorta made her bed, she might as well lie on it.

  30. Oyin leave the arse humping dude. I don’t imagine Oyin can live the whole of her life not looking at reflective surfaces, in which case every time she looks in a mirror she will hate herself for being weak. Sod what people will say, your happiness is key here.
    Yes people will talk, they will insult her, blame her and whatever else, even her mother would rather have a married daughter than a happy one. So only worry about your happiness and everyone else can bugger off.

  31. Oyin if u marry him ur misery has just begun. And for the guys screaming girls are after money, u have that problem bcuz u don’t mix with respectible ladies.

    • @Akin….WORD….if she goes ahead wif dis bizzaire plan,she is only posponing judgement day which wld def get messier cos den twld b evident d reason she got married….its un4tunate we live in a society where pple wld wag deir tongues n stigmatise single gals of marriageable ages AND divorced single mothers so if its bout wot pple wld say,its evident more tongues wld wag @ her messy divorce dan @ callin off d weddin b4 it happens @ all…..I’d rada she walks away….if we all lived ONLY cos of what pple wld say….1da where a lot of us wld b…….if she ends it nau,tongues wld only wag 4 a yl n her dignity,self esteem n pride remains 4eva……4 all u care,Mr right is just round d corner…36 n single isn’t d end of d world(nt dt I dnt undastand d pressure dt cums wif it) buh if its got anytin to do wif pressure,den she shld ve married Ossy a long tym ago….she had d tym to b choosy n she got served wot she askd 4…….Oyin is d architect of her misfortune cos of her search 4 d rich n affluent man….4 cryin out loud,she has money(m nt sayin marry a churchmouse) buh hey,u cnt surround ur search by ONLY money n d likes….this shot yomi is offerin is rily NOT worth jeopardizin her happiness 4 if u ask me…..he wasn’t even remorseful/ashamed as well as adamu who prolly had a smirk on…they had no iota of respect wotsoeva 4 her…..un4tunately,she was an ez prey 4 yomi cos of her age n desperation to settle down…its mind buggling dt her mum wld tell her to go ahead just cos of wot pple wld say @ d expense of her daughter’s happiness…..Money isn’t evrytin n so Oyin shld move d hell on n hope 4 d best………#Nuffsaid

  32. Τ̅☺ even tink her mum suports her τ̅☺ go ahead wiv d marriage is completely unacceptable, she shldnt havta tink 2ce ,4 pete’s sake she’s reasoning wiv d devil here! It aint worth it, money cnt buy her happiness. She’s made d mistake of being τ̅☺ choosy, she’s gota work on dat…smetin tyt α̲̅πϑ normal stil lies ahead

    • @Yegra …Thanks jare they called mothers like oyin’s “Mama Bournvita” cuz all they just want  is money , money and fame not even the happiness of their children.nonsence! Hmmm anyway oyin ,they would say  if God is giving you something and you feel that is not what you want or u feel that is not what you are aiming at . God will leave you to search on your own and feel the pain when it turns out to be bad before he makes correction .Oyin!  at 36 is not the end of the world oo . Look around you , there are worst scenarios more than yours . Well I would say you the artist of your life draw  it the way you want it babes. People making options for  her to marry the bi, gay etc guy and getting his money or exposing him sorry tap y’all brains that guy like this in our society na  gudugudu” he can do anything harmful to silence her for life !!!! I say for life ! So Oyin think about that as well !! Go on ur knees pray to the lord cuz this one pass anybody to make decision for Una  or lay down options for u .😷

  33. Let’s not forget sumtin here, oyin knows a wealthy, influential man’s secret. Most importantly, he obviously doesn’t give a flying spoon about her. This guy can easily have her killed if she decides not to take his offer. So in as much as I want to scream ‘to hell wit him and his bloody deal’, I stutter a bit cos her life his actually in danger here. Therefore I’ll go wit her painfully playing along, collecting n amassing as much as she can in a short period while she gets a good private investigator to get hard evidence of his homo deeds and expose it anonymously. That way she can display the ‘I dunno’ smiley and nicely ask for a divorce 😀

  34. Pls oyin, deal wit the moraf*kr, blackmail d goat, i am def wit d marry and expose him crew.
    For the ignorant guy spewing rubbish and insulting Nigerian babes, it jst goes to show the kind of person you are, you basically attract your kind*rme*.
    Lemme educate you on y ladies with personal money still want to marry money. a lady, you are not meant to be d breadwinner of your family. 2. When you are advancing, you do not want some husband dragging you back, because he is not at d same position as u, jealousy and envy come in. 3. Its a matter of prestige and pride on behalf of your husband and not for yourself. I will not marry a man i am better than, even in a million years. To maintain a balance it has to and has always been the other way round.

  35. Between the devil and the deep blue sea…in such cases always pick the deep blue, don’t forget Moses split the red sea.

  36. Well for me, Oyin shld get married to dis guy!!! U guys are trying to be so moralistic about dis marraige ish dt is so “OVERATED”. For crying out loud from (dis fiction) does oyin deserve an angel? Definitely not.. Well she shld make do of what she has and stop whinning like she’s been a good girl. Besyds d offfer aint dat βα̲̅đ afterall

  37. I’m so loving Walvia and Akin’s argument even more than the story… I’m getting tired of Oyin’s good deals (guys) turning to her nightmare.

  38. Oyin,
    I say marry the guy. Get a bigger deal off it, buy a very big house in the US, start a big business, all in your name, and relocate. Once the movement is complete, divorce his sorry a**. 36 with money in US is 24. You will see very fine brothers with bodies to die for flocking around and you can take ur pick.
    Leave Yomi alone. God will catch and punish him but by then you are long gone. Keep it classy but be as wise as serpent.

  39. Wow… This is the coming to a cross road they always talk about.. Srezly I don’t know what to suggest…

  40. My comment z dz! Don’t sell ur soul! Wot if really d man u ve always wanted z right round d corner? Take a bold step and call d wedding off! Dnt live 4 wot people will say! U mite after calling it all off go far away to a remote area werr no 1 knows you so that you can start afresh and maybe find true love? Yu deserve the best,dnt settle for less!

  41. Seriously, all dis back and forth between Akin and Walvia getting me dizzy, however Akin ain’t ur name Yoruba? didn’t ur mother teach u not to disrespect women woeva race? never call any lady a bitch, its just wrong.
    Den all y’all saying NIGERIAN girls like money, wt about Chinese, Hindu, American, British woeva race girl? And guys? Wat, dey hate money??? purlease..
    On a lighter note, Walvia, its only a story why ur body come dey hot nahhhh abi u b d Nigerian Geh wey show Akin pepper before? No mind am jo
    All y’all saying she shd just marry him.. I’m sure u’d say smthn difft if u were in d same shoes, marriage is not d end of life, its just d beginning of anoda journey and u choose d driver so…

    To My dear Oyin C, don’t mind all dose pple jor. I know u are smarter than Yomi thot, that’s his undoing.. Don’t angrily stomp out on him. Strategise how u will ruin him both now and his life after… Den play, but gurl don’t underestimate ur enemy ooo
    Holding breathe till episode 12 arghhhh!!! :-*

    • Time and episodes have proven that Oyin is not as smart as she and even we have thought she is! She has always been beaten @ her own games! Eg Kalu, mr x, that writer dude and den ds Yomi! She always failed to read d writing on the wall and so sd give up on strategies

  42. Wow!!! Wat a read, lots of unexpected twists. I couldn’t risk interruption while reading. The devil n the deep blue sea dilema

    • all the peope saying marriage is over rated are obviously from dead homes!
      Hmmm….dis story get as e b o! *inserts the dunno bbm smiley*

      • Wtf! Since u feel so, den u r one of those that feel marriage to the right person is overrated! For u, it’s probably ‘just get married’! Shiy

  43. Oyin shouldnot oº°˚˚˚°º ahn ahn! Jus because u want to marry NOW ull exchange d rest of ur life for misery?

  44. oyin, should go ahead joor. if he’s bisexual and they have a good relationship, can communicate well, she would live fine with him. she shd just take it like her hubby has got another wife! #shikena! no new tin under the heavens abeg!

    • Oh my! U must be really ill! U ds know also that the world is shying away from polygamy. However in ds case, it’s not like another wife, it’s u married no1, there wd be no communication/ relationship with oyin! His heart and privates belong to Adamu.

  45. U̶̲̥̅̊’l nid 2 ask urself if dats wat U̶̲̥̅̊ really want. I think money isn’t evrytin of which I knw U̶̲̥̅̊ knw, so pls gurl, U̶̲̥̅̊я integrity & hapiness counts. Damn wateva d world wil say, its U̶̲̥̅̊я life anyway!

  46. don’t do it oh just wait for your own ….. women have been blessed with great men at a much older age, the pressure is there yes but it does not justify marrying because of money, except that was your aim all this while.. if you are looking for your ever after ending then wait, if not marry him for the deal, but remember what you sow you reap, he will pay for what he did and is doing , but don’t let the world label you a supporter of such evil. God bless dear .. God will do it for you!

  47. Yomi is a conniving scheming bitch. All those who expect oyin to go ahead with this marriage are insecure cowards.
    This monster called Yomi ad not sd be bargained with. It’s like bargaining with the devil.
    It’s a lose lose situation! So she can as well lose with her name intact. Even if d world doesn’t know he is gay, she knows, that must be d sickest secret ever and it wd make her go insane. She wd grow to hate the same society that unknowingly forced her to make such a decision. Besides, I’m sure more ppl know he is gay.

  48. It’s sad to know that a lot of people are still very ignorant about gay guys and bisexuals/hormos in nigeria. For me I don’t think this is fiction because on a daily basis I hear gist of gay guys so for me is so very true and the only a lot of them can cover up is to get married. A lot of the women they marry don’t get to no till after the wedding, a lot are happening in marraiges that people don’t no and can’t and that is why ypu see divorce and separation every now and then. In the case of this story I would say the lady is blessed to have found out before the marraige so it gives her an opportunity to make a decision, wether or not people like to hear the truth which is what ever decision she takes now will either make her or mare her so the choice is hers. At 36 or 40 she will still get married so no need for the desperation. Yes the bible says money answereth all things, but the love of money is the root of evil, and as u and I already no that money she tends to get is an evil money. I was thinking about it, what is even the possibility that the so called will be true to his word and give her all he has promised. Been a gay does not take away he’s sense of reasoning what if after the marraige the guy encounter christ and give his life it will take the grace of God for him to remain in that marraige because the guy might just never trust her again she has the opportunity to help the guy and save his soul and she can confirm the fears of the guys family as they already suspect him to be a gay. Money can’t and will never buy happiness but people will talk atleast for 6months to a year and everything will fade into thin air and at the end of it all you’ll still have your dignity intact and the same very people who spoke against you will celebrate you at the end of it all. The Choice Is Hers To Be Made.

  49. Sis, pls don’t marry him, that man is evil and doesn’t ve human feelings. He is not worth it even with his bags of money. Who told you that he cannot stage ur death after you must ve given birth to his child. That way he wins at all ends and you loose at all ends. Pls carry the shame now and live a fulfilling life later.

  50. Iyawo Yomi. ROTFL. So Toke no fit marry homo. Pele, Ossy already knows ur little secret. So wat about kids? Doesn’t Yomi want children else his family will label u barren wen its their son dat is HOMO. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I can’t imagine sharing my husband wit any lady not to talk of ma, shior!

  51. Babe ehn, either way its a lose – lose situation! You marry him – lose a chance at a happy marriage and the works! You don’t and you lose money, title, prestige etc. Tough choice but that’s life!

  52. Ass Fucking man?! Mbanu. Tofiakwa! To hell with money…big money I meant. I’ll still go with money that can still afford to live in VI, Oniru or Lekki. I don’t have to live in misery in Ikoyi. At least I can still buy a Bentley or Rolls Royce, I need not fly in a private Jet.

  53. Ass Fucking man?! Mbanu. Tofiakwa! To hell with money…big money I meant. I’ll still go with money that can still afford to live in VI, Oniru or Lekki. I don’t have to live in misery in Ikoyi. At least I can still buy a Bentley or Rolls Royce, I need not fly in a private Jet. *grinning*

  54. Hummmm speechless. Oyin Ɣ☺ΰ would have gone ahead τ̲̅ọ̥ marry him that’s if Ɣ☺ΰ are a strong christian, Ɣ☺ΰ will commit some men of God and pray on a daily basis. I have seen such a case and God later took control

  55. Whaoooooo
    PlS don’t just try it o.
    D ending will be badm
    Is better u don’t no @all den knowing and continue with it.
    Wat u are runing away 4m will later come and look into ur face.

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