Finding Hubby – Episode 9


Option taken – three. Yes, against all my Lagos sharp sense, I decided to take a risk on Yomi and tell him the truth, and scenario three played out. Lesson learnt – if you want it long term with someone, come out clean, no hidden anything. He looked me in the eye after I had told him and said “Oyin, if you had lied, I would have known and I would have ended it here and now.” And I knew he meant it.

Sunday was my day with my girls (proudly so). I could regale you with all the tales of our day at the beach, but the only part you are gonna read is the fact that the oooohs and aaaahs that I got as I told them about Yomi and I could fill a book. Toke knew of Yomi (who Toke no sabi), and she told me I had hit it big if I hooked him. Glo was also very happy for me and I felt refreshed and ready for the week. Okay, lemme give you guys a bit of juicy gist from Gloria. Remember Alvin who was supposed to send the iPad that I was supposed to win in the episode about Mr. X (RME) with the H factor? Well, Gloria thought they were headed somewhere. He’s based in Jand and used to call her a lot initially. Recently, he has reduced his calling and he’s been complaining about all sorts and giving excuses for not calling. She called him while I was away in Dubai, and the conversation went something like this

Gloria:   Hello darling

Female Voice: May I know who is speaking? (English accent)

Gloria:   That’s my line. Why are you answering my boyfriend’s phone

Female Voice: Because I’m his wife and the mother of his two kids?

Gloria:   (Quiet)

Female Voice: Alvin… come and get the phone

Alvin:    Who is this?

Gloria:   Who was that?

Alvin:    My wife.

Gloria:   Alvin, you are married…

Alvin:    I can explain. It’s for my papers. It’s one oyinbo woman.

Gloria slammed the phone

All these foolish men that will come here and be deceiving us. That’s why me I don’t do distance. Too much room for lies and deceit abeg. The talk is in the eyes, oju loro wa.

Monday and I got to work and raced to my desk. I avoided going anywhere I thought I would meet Ossy. That’s the issue with office anything. I had not even dated and broken up with him and it was this awkward. I couldn’t imagine how it would be if we had actually dated. Gladly, I knew it was a bad idea and didn’t date him.

Apart from that, the day was a blast. Everyone commented on how well I looked and how good the rest must have been. I chose not to call Yomi to see if our first work day apart would be a no talk during the day kinda work day. My booboo sugarbunny snucklesnuggle (did u roll your eyes?) called me thrice during the day and we talked (I used my handsfree o, all you LASTMA people reading this) all through my drive home.

And so my week went something like this – great days at work, two dinners with boo, and #my lips are sealed about these parts#. Suffice to say that I had ice cream eaten off me and so on and so forth.  

On Saturday morning, I decided to check on Gloria and squeeze breakfast out of her lazy ass. I thought I was through with shockers in this my life, but I got a huge one as I rounded the bend into her street. There was my yellow pawpaw friend, leaning over a car I was very familiar with and kissing the occupant squarely on the lips. The car drove past mine as I tried to park properly, and it was gone before I got out of my car.

“Gloria, what was that you were doing with Ossy?”

Gloria gave me a look that said en en and then fired “Question! What did it seem like I was doing?”

“But Glo, it’s Ossy now. You cannot be seriously seeing him now. It’s just wrong on different levels.”

“Why? Tell me one reason why? It’s not like you are dating him or like you ever did. Now that you’ve found you a good man, na only you wan marry? Me I didn’t see anything bad in Ossy, and so I called him up. We hooked up, and he shared his own heartbreak and I shared mine. And one thing led to another. What exactly is wrong about dating a very single man who seems ready to settle down and is seriously talking marriage at my 36years old?”

“Glo, seriously talking marriage after how long now? He was seriously thinking marriage with me just a few weeks ago. It smells fishy o”

“So it smells fishy because it’s not you abi? Please spare me abeg”.

I just stood speechless because I knew she was in the right with everything she was saying, but a certain but kept playing at the back of my mind. It just didn’t sit right. In that split second, I had to caution myself. Was I expecting Ossy to keep waiting for me ni? And shouldn’t I have been happy for him when I expected him to be happy for me when he met Yomi? And it wasn’t really worth quarreling with Gloria over. Really not.

“Oya sorry dear, na just shock catch me”, I said, smiling at Gloria. I could see she was visibly relieved that I wasn’t going to make issues out of this situation.

“Since man sleep for your house, I hope you sha cooked for him because me na food I come chop for your house.”

“Yes now, I had to show him I’m wife material now”

“En, and I know it’s not just in the cooking you showed him, oya gist me every every abeg.”

She threw her head back and laughed. It was good to see my friend laugh. “You know that thing Toke said about Bini men…”

I winked and laughed too “Dem no dey carry last at all at all”

She winked too and led me into the house for the “fullness of the gist therein”, lol.

A month later, Gloria and Ossy were married and I was the chief bride’s maid.

In my heart, as I stood behind her and my friends said I do to each other, I looked back at my own man in the aisle. It was going so well with Yomi, I couldn’t help but be happy for Glo and Ossy. Somewhere in my heart, a small voice told me this would be my last bride’s maid assignment. I said a silent amen.

And as if in answer to my prayer, at the wedding reception, rather than throw her bouquet, Glo walked up to me and handed it over to me. I was still trying to understand what all that was about when Yomi walked up to me, dropped on one knee and proposed. I nearly fainted in delight. No words came to my mouth. I could only nod my answer, so vigorously my head almost dropped off.

I thought my search was over at long last.

I couldn’t be more wrong.


117 thoughts on “Finding Hubby – Episode 9

  1. I have a block..i cant even think what could have happend….jeez write like SS…I give it to you!!!

  2. At last, I hope yomi is for real. TL what is oju loro wa? How do you want an English man relate to that?*big smile*
    Nice one man.
    That’s why I don’t like to read the story on monday waiting for the next episode to drop is like waiting eternally.

  3. Y must it b a week long thing ehn? Sigh!, pls I’ll like 2 read ur other stories, its only dis one dat’s comng up on ur page.

  4. U couldn’t be more wrong,ahhhh that’s means more wahala on the. Way.pls I wish it doesn’t go wrong cus it won’t be funny at alllllllllllllllllll.

  5. Pulizzzzzzzzz!!! Oyin, na beg I dey beg u, don’t tell me somethg else happened cos I’m done with ur bad news. I also noticed dat u hav cleverly avoided details abt ur rship wt Yomi. Me sha, I’m totally in support of Oyin o, so I don’t want her hurt. Waiting patiently for next Monday, Gheghen!

  6. I don’t think Oyin was meant to be married, she should kindly accept her faith. Guess episode 10 will better amplify this. @TL…I gbadun ♈ōϋя style, thumbs up! *wink*

    • Funny thought..@you not thinking Oyin should be married:s
      There is a man for every lady no matter how ugly sef.

  7. Ah Oyin!!! Tearing up for U ryt nw! Dint y’all read dis part? ” I thought my search was over at long last.

    I couldn’t be more wrong.” I hope there’s a happy ending to all these sha!

  8. Haba!!! Oyin Clegg don loose Ossy *sad much*. I knew guys like dat get taken by smart, sharp single ladies… I feel so sorry for Oyin

    • Abeggi!! Time wd tell! I’m sure he was just a jack-ass as a boyfriend/husband. He was a good friend. Chikena

  9. Lol! @damiposh. That was an incomplete comment. I wanted to write ” She has lost Ossy and Yomi will prove to be a complete jerk. I can smell it a mile away” 😀

  10. From one wahala to another o!!!sharp geh haff collected ossy o! Hmm cud it b proposal gone sour? Hey buh monday is too far sha…*puppy face*

  11. ossy correct guy, am happy for glo and ossy jare, let oyin continue to swim in foolishness. i hope yomi cames tru for her sha, she just traded her husband to glo.

  12. I put credit on my phone just so I could read the new episode…. It’s official, I’m obsessed…. Since this is fiction I’m hoping Oyin suffers a little more before she eventually finds Prince Charming 🙂

  13. Good on Ossy and Glo jare, shebi u wanted whirlwind romance Oyin? this one is about to become a hurricane!!! Wo, Yomi will show u pass pepper!!!!

  14. You couldn’t be more wrong ke? Emmm….TL pls don’t tell me all the praying and fasting I’ve be doing for Oyin Clegg has been in vain oooo! Oyin you sef!

  15. Haaaa! Oyin see U̶̲̥̅̊я life? I hope Iτ̲̅ works well wiv U̶̲̥̅̊ dis time around because U̶̲̥̅̊я last sentence bafled m̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ n make ♏¥ heart skip again. Can’t you just be reasonable f̶̲̥̅̊ọ̥я̲̣̥ once n face reality instead of fooling around.’ I tire f̶̲̥̅̊ọ̥я̲̣̥ U̶̲̥̅̊ ˚˚°ºoo ‘ Glo n Ossy, congrats Jare. As f̶̲̥̅̊ọ̥я̲̣̥ Oyin, I wish U̶̲̥̅̊ well ˚˚°ºoo if only U̶̲̥̅̊ will be wise.*wink*

    • Yes I second dt too Akin! Lik who dates a guy 4 one month& marries him?! We al knw dt aint real! Dts sum faboo! ‎​ℓ☺ℓ *disappointed*

      • LOL… Bunmi heavy faboo. This just reminds me of 360nobs memoirs of a slush kid. When the heavy faboo started they lost their fans, moi included.

  16. Oyin clegg o, I hp ds yomi is for real tho coz I dnt want u hrt broken ds tym again.TL ur sooooo gud wv writin, mhen ds suspense is killin….waitn for d next ep.

  17. I love today’s much fast Suspense is reduced a bit…Oyin last statement… Hope the search is over.. It means more trouble.. Abeg ease up on the yoruba be everyone understand Owe n gbolohun ede yoruba

  18. Bad news coming up *sigh*. It wuz pretty obvious anyway
    This suspense is annoying me o biko! Let ur story be evry 2days na

  19. And it keeps getting better. Oyin shd go and wash her head abeg or change her soap.
    She has issues wif the ellite class and she really needs a self re-evaluation.

  20. Dis gloria n ossy’s weddin in less dan 2months, nawa oooo, hope things work out fine sha. Buh given Oyin’s track record wif guys n relationships, hmmmmmm……I’m not too sure about dis engagement ooooo. B4 I’ll start jubilating ƞσω and sumthin else will happen again (abeg)m I’ll keep my fingers crossed anyway n hope 4 Τ̲̅ђe best.

  21. YaaaaaaAyyyy,she haff lost ossy!!! Oyiin kaaii..
    I hope and pray for your sake that yomi doesn’t end up been a jerk..

  22. Hoooooo,y did it av. 2end dre??am seriouslly waitn 4d nxt episode,bt I op say yomi no fuck up gehl u ad a good choice in ossy tho bt o lost dt 2ur fwend.*ntoi*

  23. Nice piece! You are an incredible writer. But the story is getting too long and I’m sure there are like 10 more episodes to go. Please post like 2 episodes per week. Making us read one story for over 2months is soooo not cool jor!

  24. Oyin darlyn! Abeg in d name of God, no spoil ds 1 o! Abeg! Ejor! Biko! Ha! I can’t fit shout! TL me no understand dat youruba o!

  25. Someone will soon wake you up from your slumber. We both know this won’t end well dear. Waiting for the episode where you will cry and start saying had I known.

  26. So….ms clegg I’m really bothered… Is this fiction or true story???….
    Nd dis is a really nice blog uve got. *thumbs up* u seem really hawt btw 😉

  27. Wow, finding hubby at last – Oyin is free from finding hubby, single men be aware!
    I so much enjoy this, brother man, I can’t wait to have this thriller in whole . . . Big up!

  28. You shouldn’t have used that picture, because it gave the story away.
    Never mind.
    The story line is very interesting but I am not too sure about your writing skills. You do create great imagery though to your audience, I will give you that

  29. OMG! i feel like ossy n yomi are friends and ossy set her up to see if she’d stay loyal to him wt least while on a trrip HE paid for……yall rmbr ossy told her “you’ll find out in due time” when he went to get her at the airport…i feel so bad for her…..anyways, THANKS TUNDE!!!

  30. Yep, this episode was too fast paced to be coming from the same writer. So its either TL is losing steam or sumtin more interesting…. I think this episode was a dream #winking
    Dear episode 10, kindly no fall my hand ooo.

  31. Chai! Oyin i love your person,its so sad that when a girl wants something people think its too much and fairytaleish. But i have to say u made a grave mistake with ossy and please please sharply publish ‎​the next episodes. Just hope what happened wasn’t too drastic

  32. Hmmm like a yoruba music say ” eyi ga la gaju , o ga ! ” hmmm oyin ooo ” I dey catch cold !!! No be cold I dey catch this time ” I dey smell rat oo!!! . Haa !!! My mind at peace now , I have ruled the case of gayish behaviour for mr yomi . But marriage????? Oyin u too call the name again ! How does it sound ? And for Ossy and Gloria . Don’t you think they both married out of pity for each other ? and as for you 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷

    • I’m stumped as to y every1 is happy for ossy and Glo! Like marriage is d aim as opposed to marriage to the rt person! Two ppl that got together for wrong reasons: revenge n the other covetousness 8-|

  33. me ayam not goin to fall for all these fairy tales oooo. Something just smells like fish. Fingers crossed tho even tho my head swell small as I dey read am……

  34. I think we are all missing the point/essence of dis story, dis story seeks to address d problem of ‘looking beyond what u see’ most especially for ladies, how many ladies sit down 4 a second to think abt what they really want from a man character wise, very few, and Dats y we keep making dsame mistakes all over. A mans’ aura (swag) and physique will not cover up 4 his attitude, ladies shud learn to luv what is good 4 them.

    • @Andrea. Hugs for you. Exactly, whatever u look like on the outside won’t cover the mess u are inside. What makes a man seem truthfully perfect isn’t those Taye Diggs looks and all the luxury he’s got, but the man he is from inside of him. Like they say “beauty comes from within.” Big lesson

  35. eiyeeee! what happened to her and Yomi again now!!! *sigh* but somewhere in my mind, i keep thinking Gloria could have been her o… hmm.
    let nothing go wrong with OC. like plsss

  36. So all u ossy lovers have seen he wasn’t the perfect man I hope? If within days he moved on to Glo, it could only have been as a form of revenge! Him taking it onto marriage in a month only showed he was desperate! Oyin, u don’t miss, trust me!
    I’d been meaning to ask about these 2 friends of oyin’s! I knew life was too bad to give u perfect friends that wd never eye ur ‘perfect potential husbands’! While ossy was under no moral obligation not to date any1 of his choice, ds seemed too conniving! Scheming on d part of Glo! I pray 2 of them get what they deserve in marriage!
    Abeg, oyin, start having small sense na! Wetin! How can ur friend start dating ur friend and she doesn’t have the maturity to discuss it tactfully with u, and u r joining her to joke about bedroom talk! Not sexy @ all Joor

    • In responce to the Gloria nd Ossy issue, oyin had the whole time to decide bout her relationship with Ossy but she messed it up, cos she was looking for that “mr perfect” i totaly see nufin wrong wif Ossy movin on to Gloria, who knws it might just be Gloria who consoled him on the day of the airport saga, Ossy made up his mind dat very nminute dat it was over, dats y it looked like he moved on too soon, if na u nko see that embarrasment at d airport na nd d guy was just too matured to handle tins properly, i knw a few guy who will cause a scene right there nd damn d consequences, Ossy is a good guy trust me

  37. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. So speechless. Gloria married Ossy! Sharp gel. Oyin, I won’t pity u if dis ur omo baba olowo no marry u.

  38. Hmnn girlfriends and guys that are chyking you….. I don’t think I can ever be a Gloria oo.. But its just a story and she’s married.. Goodgood unto d next…plssss

  39. I could say am happy for you with how things are going with Yomi, but I doubt if you won’t see another Lagos big boy and trip. Not impressed with this kinda Oyin chic..

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