Finding Hubby – Episode 8


I got back from Dubai five days later, with my man. Now that’s the sweetest thing to say. Me, Oyin omo Clegg that left Lagos manless, am returning with a man, and a hec hunk of a man. I wish I would run into that Moroti again now, so I could smugly answer all her snide questions, but fate would not have it so. And you know, the sweetest thing about Yomi is that all through our stay in Dubai, he didn’t ask for sex (even though I was hoping he would #evilgrin#). He wanted to prove to me that it was not just a holiday/business trip fling he wanted. SO he told me that we would save the real deal (yes, there were other things I shall keep only to myself) until much later. Men, o ti ba mi seriously for this guy. It felt like I’d known him for more than the few days we had spent in Dubai. We had connected on so many levels. The trip had been so much fun, and he had spoilt me silly, shopping, spa treatments, exotic meals et al. These days sha, I have toned down on the dreaming (wisely so, after my last set of experiences), so I hadn’t started imagining us walking down any aisle or dancing to Chop My Money at our wedding reception.

For the first time when I was returning from outside, I didn’t notice the Naija heat as we stepped out of the plane. I practically waltzed to the arrival lounge to wait for my luggage. I couldn’t be bothered that the air-conditioning wasn’t working there. Yomi guided me away from the conveyor belt, “We don’t have to wait dear; my people will sort the luggage out and deliver it to your house”. See levels o. #In Jenifa Voice# ayam on the fast track! Lol. This was the life men. I couldn’t wait to fill my girls in on my trip. I had loads of pictures on my iPad and BB to ensure that my gist was substantiated with visual evidence lest they began to think I had gone so delusional I was now having an imaginary boyfriend.

I was so engrossed in this world I didn’t see him. But he had seen me, seen it all. Seen me all over Yomi. Seen Yomi playfully kiss my forehead. Even seen me slap his butt as I laughed at a joke. He stood transfixed to the spot he was, and I’m sure if he was white, he would have been bright red from the look on his face. I looked up and I saw Ossy standing, a bouquet of roses in hand, eyes blazing at me. In my enraptured world, I had totally forgotten about the reason I had been on my way to Dubai in the first place. This was bad, really bad. How would I manage Ossy to make sure he didn’t create any scene? How would I explain to Yomi that there was nothing between me and this man who knew my travel plans so well that he knew when to wait at the airport, rose in hand for me? Ossy stood where he was, as if daring me not to come to him.

“Yomi, I’ve gotta say hello to someone, I’ll be back shortly”. Thankfully, he was on the phone and only nodded. I walked gingerly towards Ossy, feeling like a child who had done something bad and was about to face her daddy for that wrongdoing.

“Hi”, I ventured.

“And what the hell are you doing with him all like that?” he asked not so calmly, his hands saying more than his lips were.

I firmed my voice up. After all, I wasn’t dating Ossy, and had the right to see anyone I wanted. “I met him on the trip and we connected. And take that look out of your eyes, he hasn’t touched me”.

“Of course he hasn’t”, Ossy said sarcastically.

I was angered. “What exactly do you mean by that? And why do I have to explain myself to you?”

He threw the roses on the floor and smiled “of course you don’t have to. And as to what I meant, you’ll find out in due time”.

The smile sent a chill down my spine more than anything Ossy said. I placed a hand on his shoulder and tried to plead with him “Ossy, you are my friend. I always thought you would be happy for me when I finally met someone. Now is the time to be happy for me dear. Please.” He put a hand on my hand and looked into my eyes and it was only then I could see the sadness there. Then he took my hands of his shoulder and let it go. Right there, I felt a deep sense of loss. I had lost a friend.

“Hey dear, who’s this?” Yomi asked from behind me. I tried to formulate all the answers I could that would make sense in my head, but I drew on blanks.

“I’m Ossy, her colleague from work. Meeting my madam here today jare, she’s been away for barely a week and it seems like an eternity already”, Ossy answered, chuckling.

Yomi laughed too. “That’s this love thing o,” he said, putting his arms around me to mark me as “territory”. I have never felt that awkward, but Ossy was such a sport. Then Yomi turned to me “time to go dear, driver’s waiting and luggage is all sorted”.

We said our goodbyes and I walked away with Yomi. I couldn’t look back to see Ossy. I knew I wasn’t doing anything technically wrong, cos I hadn’t asked for any of the things Ossy had done for me, neither was I dating him. But I still felt real bad.

Two cars had come to pick us, an Armada for the luggage and a G-Wagon for us. Expectedly, the moment the car moved, he asked “So who really is that guy”? I weighed my options in my head.

  • Option 1 – Lie so well and get away with it (I doubted I’d be able to pull that off)
  • Option 2 – Lie so badly it would look like I was hiding something and lose Yomi
  • Option 3 – Tell the truth and Yomi would believe and all would be well
  • Option 4 – Tell the truth and Yomi would believe there’s more between Ossy and I than I told him and lose him.

Life is so unfair. The odds are totally stacked against me. Why is it that of the four options, three have to end badly for me? Would I have to delete those pictures and have no stories to tell Toke and Gloria when I get home today?

I looked into his eyes and made my choice.


113 thoughts on “Finding Hubby – Episode 8

  1. Yayyyyyyyy,mogbe ohhhhh,oyin cleggg,hmmmm,pls say †ђξ truth ohhh,this yomi thingy is too good to be true,I don’t want u to loose this bobo ohhh,God will help u in d next episode and direct u

  2. At this point I will just say crap on things,what will a gal do just tell the truth and talk to ossy cus he hasn’t asked u 4 a relationship

  3. Oyin I pray u loose ossy, cus yomi dnt av forever written ova him at all. Sooo, maybe wen dis instant fake world u r in fades out, u’ll realise u had a real one wiv ossy that u wre too blind to see. Sorry sweets, u can’t eat ur cake ₰ av it. And if u tell Yomi the truth and he still stays, I pity him. Nyways, anova ep getting me spell bound. Lookin out for next ep. Loving dis more.

    NB: wat happened last week monday na!

  4. but Oyin, has Yomi asked you out as well? r u both officially dating or he just wants to “Oyin” u like you “Oyined” Ossy?? remember what goes around comes around o!!!!!

  5. You are wicked! Honestly! What a cliffhanger! Han ahn! You want us to pull our hair off our heads guessing what choice she picked till Monday? A whole week? Life is soooo unfair!

  6. Ok “In Jenifa’s voice” Ahyaff cahmdaun small. Small o. I feel for Ossy sha. But Ossy’s revenge go worse pass Mr. International Writer o! Oyin I don tell you now – be warned. Chei! We girls and our fantasies sha.

  7. Aunty Oyin! Why nauuuu???
    Now I’m definitely sure Yomi isn’t it… Better go back to Ossy asap before it goes sour with Yomi; he just might still have u back!

  8. hmmm!!!! I feel so sad for Ossy…. I just hope this babe doesnt loose the person that trully loves her and would do anything to make her happy. Have Lovely week Guyzzz

  9. Aaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhh Oyin! So we have to wait a whole week to find out what happened? Kai! Anyways, u’ll soon find out that Yomi is either married with his wife and kids living abroad or he has a teeny-weeny kini. Lol. Chei

  10. Oyin!Oyin!!OYIN!!!…E b like say u neva learn. Is Gold Digging ur hubby cos I rily don’t get u. U find a guy dats everything (a gold mine aswell)…he even tried 2 heal ur wounds made by anoda man. N u C “Mr International”as one of us wld say(a bigger Gold mine, abi) n u fall hopelessly n start day dreaming.. Come dem curse u!!!Hungry, Gold Digging Desperate Bigz Galz #yimu#…Oyin Cleg!Yet again ud b tot anoda lesson since u don’t wanna smart up n dis time no “Ossy love” to save u…mschewwwwwww

  11. Madam, I think you review your options well o. You met Yomi in a “fairytale world” o. And this Ossy guy has really been there for you. Who knows…. Yomi might be it.

  12. TL I beg, this suspense is becoming too much for me ooooo…. Oyin Clegg, oh sorry. Oyin Tosh…. um ummmm, Oyin kester-Davies……… I pity youuuuu. Sowiee Ossy, u hear?

  13. Re u guys so is a teacher .its her story nd she is nt perfect.its her past..I employ u to get a note pad nd write out ur past experiences if ure bold enough paste it here for all to see.oyin all d best dear

    • ahn ahn..y evils?y is guilty conscience catching you? or perhaps your life is exactly like Oyin Clegg’s..tsewwww abeg shift.

  14. Oyin o! Stick to ossy o! Open ur heart n love him bcos yomi is definitely nt it…d devil u know is beta Dan d angel u don’t know..Iyaff talk my own o! (˘̯˘ )…

  15. C’mon, This is a short dose. Im still not well until I get my full dose! I think I av to read this monthly. The suspense will overwhelm me & I might lose it. Oyin! Hmm.. Osy will be feeling so cheap.. I pity myself cos I see me as Ossy givin everythin to a lady buh doesnt see ur worth.. Gud write Egbon!

  16. Oh my God! Its not happening all over again. We ladies and the choices we make. We think we learnt our lessons and we make the same mistakes all over again. Can’t wait to read what happened next. Great write up!

  17. I wulda preferred ossy though. He can obviously do anything for you, & look beyond his surname naaa…he’s like head over heels in L♥√ع with u. Dis yomi dude may end up breaking your heart again, u no dey learn sha. Nyways let’s see…awesome blog!

  18. Oyin! Oyin!! Oyin!!! E me lo mo pe e? Ride on girl! But pls n pls make up with Ossy no matter what. Every single girl (like us) needs that ‘guy’. So what’s the probabilty that Ossy’s statement “Of course he hasn’t” means Yomi Kester-Jacobs’ d**k is the size of a MAC lipstick *LMAO*.

  19. Serious issue mehn……errr Oyin u don’t wanna lose Ossy over Yomi you just met do you?. To even think u only just met Yomi, and I am not sure he even asked you out properly. I think there is more to this your Yomi you haven’t discovered yet and I hope u don’t get devastated when you do. But with the situation of things now, just tell him the plain truth chikena. And sadly I think you’ve lost a good friend- Ossy.

  20. na wa o! this one was too short now! poor poor ossy. will he exact a crushing revenge *i wonder*. this monday monday meresin no dey favour person o, all in favour of 2x a week dosing say AYE!

      • If na so series (DHW, Tinsel, True Blood, Inkaba, Vampire Dairies etc) dey show twice a week, you think say rating go shoot up………

        suspense na the selling point of any series. Silly girl (Oyin Cleggs) continue your weekly destruction ( sowi guys, the gal vex me too mush today)

  21. you are just a stupid gal Oyin………….. you sure don’t want to know the prayer i had for you this morning. Thinking the 5dayz would have cleared ur gold digging cobweb head………..

  22. Oyin clegg,if you are a Gemini,bring up a chatter to cover,if you are u will know what am talking about. Mogbe moodaran

  23. Am beginning to really get upset here. oyin, u are such an ingrate. how can u treat a man dat put a smile on ur face like dat? Now i see that u are just a gold digger.

  24. Its not easy to make a choice in such circumstance,but then, u need 2 make a selfish choice. When I say selfish,not the material selfish alone, if ure liking yomi 4 d luxury,what happens to both of you when d luxury isn’t there?…….

  25. Am beginning to really get upset here. oyin, u are such an ingrate. how can u treat a man dat put a smile on ur face like dat? Now i see that u are just a gold digger.

  26. Na wa o! Oyin “Gold digger” Clegg. U r definitely out of control. Someone needs to restore gravity to ur world. Silly girl…

  27. Oyin!!! Infact! Lipsealed! Nawah 4 u o! Ask God 4 d spirit of discernment! M smellin a rat wiv dis guy o!!hmm!! All d best.

  28. Oyin dear! Too many coments abt u clinging to ossy! Buh who ar we to tell u wah to do? My own too is berra go nd apologise wif all ur heart to osssy o! Go nd chek weda tinz 4rm ur mum or dad’s villa is after u! (No offence) love ur blog to paris nd back*wink*

  29. Lo badi gbam!!!!!! U get liver o!! This thing no be small thing . Ha! If you lie penren! That is it o ! Pls don’t lie ,tell the truth and know obviously you are free . Afterall nothing is between u and Mr ossy ! Abi Bawo wa ni 😏! 😊I love this blog .

  30. Oyin, the best thing u can do to yourself is telling Yomi nothing but the simple truth.. If he wants to stay, he will and if he doesn’t let him go but I believe he will if he loves you. Lying to him will only destroy the integrity you are trying to build. Can’t wait for d next episode.

  31. Aw!#sad face! So i av 2 wait another whole week 4 the concluding part of this Dubai escapade? Anyways…i’ll patiently wait

  32. I know girls like that. people who would never ever be satisfied with that is available. terrible people. let yomi chop am die!

  33. My 2 pennies, Yomi is not a forever dude. 37 single and didn’t touch you. Dude is impotent, hence his being single and i assume that was the meaning of ossy’s remark. however i’ll keep my fingers crossed for Oyin. Can’t wait to see how you navigate the prevebial brown stuff hitting the fan.

  34. Na wa o! Some of you are taking this thing personal with your comments.
    Its a story, read n enjoy.
    Looking forward to next week. The suspense is killing me.

  35. Hmmmmm, one day it will sha be FOUND HUBBY! So what’s d deal wit yomi? Is it official or u r
    In ‘assumption mode’. Guys can claim till they hit n run.
    Now back to bloda Ossy- what is he finding???
    If he has something to say he should say it n not assume u know it.
    I yam tayad of waitin for the days to go so I see ur decission in episode 9.
    Till then I keep my fingers crossed 4 u.
    Peace#wit d fingers sign#

  36. Oyin! Don’t do this to Ossy,he’s a wonderful man. He has my heart. Why do girls do this all the time? There’ll be a wonderful man beneath our noses yet we choose to toy with the unknown *sigh*
    Pass Ossy on to this sister o

  37. If I were the one, I will tell Femi the truth and see his reaction. Infact, the mistake she made was following Femi to his car, she should have at least allowed ossai to take her home. This girl might never get married with the way she is running her life. Femi is going to dump her when he finishes with her, then she will be back to square zero.

  38. Oyin Clegg,
    Let me tell you, son gbo That Yomi somebody-somebody cannot “do”. You know Ossy has told you, of course “he hasn’t touched you”. Issok, abo oro………….

  39. I have heard curiosity kills d cat, suspense only makes it worse…. “More grease to ur elbows” for keeping us ‘suspended’. Straight to d point…. Yomi will crash and Ossy who happens 2 be d better option will either walk away 4 gd or stand and watch u fall den pick u up again. Its up 2 u…

  40. Oyin ‘I dig with a bulldozer’ Clegg… The day will come when you will NEED a man like Ossy and he will be long gone. Enjoy your time with Yomi… Can’t even knock your hustle, I will pick that zing factor he has too (in fantasy world that is).

    Ehn ehn, all the people typing loose… C’mon now, I’m sure you know they still sell brighter grammar. Its LOSE for goodness sakes.

  41. Awwwwww daaaaammmn!!! I hope she tells the truth.all d lies shez been telling have always come back to bite her in the ass 😦

  42. This yomi guy maybe hot but ossy had the magic trick that got you healed. Oyin wake up!!!! Stop dreaming all that glitters isn’t gold!!

  43. Oyin, what exactly is the problem with ossy? Is it that he’s not fine or what cos I dnt understand how a guy could be that good n u treat him that way. When ossy stops giving u face, u will hurt like u never have and then u will be the one chasing him.

  44. Pls I can’t wait to kno d choice she choose oyin’ story is wts goin on wit a lot of babes.I like ossy he is constant u shld give him a chance can’t u see he loves u die!

  45. I really liked it and would like to read the rest of it to find out where does de new love affair ends.

  46. oyin na wa for u, are u saying u dont just ve any feelings for dis ossy of a guy. anyway i wish u luck wit ur new mr full package.

  47. This sucks! That’s d reason I don’t take gifts from men, cos no matter how they assure u there r no strings attached, there always wd be! Now, what is he feeling bitter for? I don’t follow the general opinion that ossy is the mr perfect for oyin! He is just some1 that was caring and somehow, ppl u don’t connect to have a way of being that. The real reason he appeals to most of u is cos he is rich n an oil boss! The sweetest thing he did was the home visit, coffee and breakfast yet the Dubai trip is tripping every1. Abeg, hope he ds not mess with ur job since he is ur boss o, sadly u wd have lost a sweet friend but I’m not convinced u lost a husband.
    Now, as for Yomi, the truth wd always be better, sadly life had dealt u ds blow! U go now explain how u collect free ticket from man and den convince him u did not pay in kind for it 😉

  48. Well dats bad, wat yomi just want u as a friend? Dat means it av lost someone very caring.
    I can see ossy likes u very well 2 av cover up 4 u within a short time.
    My own word 4 u is 2 tell d truth and no where u are going on time.
    If he likes and care 4 u, he will stay no matter wat u saym

  49. U are jst on holiday….wen ur hols is ova d real deal comes. Av fun while ur escapades lasts anyway. But its my prayer dat u find ur dream guy n settle down soon. Anyway oil company job is my dream job n I wouldn’t mind if u give me contact or help put me in d job of my dreams. I’ve been followin ur story to d extent I can’t do anyoda tin but read ur story wen I av tons of things to do. Switie it is well

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  51. oooooooooohhhhhh boy, dis is nt good. horrible. ossy is hurt bad, like very bad. the devil u know is better dan d angel u dont. ladies be careful. dont be to quick to fall, and for the love of God have a little respect for ur self, be pursued small, dont make urself to easy. am hrt broken on ossy’s behalf.

  52. Hehehehe……new phrase learned from this series…..using husband to do boyfriend. Lol!
    DUH! *very uninterested face* of course Yomi is gay or impotent. I’m still reading sha.

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