The Intro – We begin to Find Hubby


Things happen for some people, just like that. They finish school, get jobs, get married, have kids and so on. I fall into that category, except for one part. The marriage part. This blog shares my experiences (replace that with escapades) Finding Hubby over the next three months. I’ll post 1ce a week, on Mondays. You can make any comments you like, but there’s only one rule – Do not judge anyone. So we start shortly


38 thoughts on “The Intro – We begin to Find Hubby

  1. I would like to start receiving posts every monday from You please. My sister introduced me to it and iv fallen in love

    • Thanks Ada, glad you like the blog. I post every monday, so u can just bookmark the homepage and view it every monday. Or follow on twitter @tundeleye

    • Or you can effortlessly subscibe to the blog and u don’t need d extra task of remembering to check for updates! Once u subscribe, u get email alerts for new posts. Thank me later.
      TL, I tot u wd hv offered ds option?

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